Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy New Year!!

Well, the year is coming to and end (Or it has ended depending when I post this). But I wanted to talk to you about my Goals for 2012 :)

2012 Goals

  • Get Fit Stay Fit
  • Continue to eat healthy 
  • Try new foods, Please leave some suggestions as to what kind of foods you like to eat, My trouble area's of what to eat are Lunch/Snacks.. What are some healthy Snacks & lunches do  you  eat?
  • Increase my work out times for each machine (Elliptical, etc)
  • Continue to loose weight which is a given, I'm not 100% comfortable giving my weight right now, In time I will Let you all know. 

So those are just a few goals as of right now, I'm sure i'll add many more as the year progresses :) But for now these are the goals and I'm sticking to them. I'm excited about the 2012 year, Getting Married, Getting Fit.. Most exciting thing about this  is just seeing my progress as a full year rather then just a few months ;) 

To a great new year. Filled with Happiness, Love, Fitness, Friends & Just a plain healthy life style :)
Who's With me!

Love, Monica.

*Note* So Here we are Happy New Year :) I had a great NYE with my Family my friends!! It was a great time, I drank way more then I planned I really hope this doesn't set me back :/ I'm not a drinker, I have a drink maybe Once a year if that & Last Night I had about 4.. My limit was going to be 2 but I was having  such a great time..

I have some great news! Yesterday I also found out I won 2 tickets to see Randy from Say yes to the dress on TLC :) Not sure if anyone knows of him :) BUT He's coming to Moncton At a bridal Expo on January 13th, I was THRILLED to win these tickets :) They are 40 bucks a piece and I couldn't afford to go so, being able to win these tickets was such a great start to my new year!

Coming Clean...

*Sigh*... You see the little guy, Nope not the yellow one's... But the red one.. That would have to be me when I found out what I'm about to tell you. I figured admitting to the truth is better, and will bring me farther in my journey, But here goes nothing..Some how over the holidays I manage to gain 7lbs, Actually Make that 7.1lbs *INSERT SHOCKED FACE HERE* Yeah,  I have no idea if it was the missing the gym for pretty much a week, (which in no doubt it was that), I did watch what I ate over the holidays, but I did "Indulge" In a few foods I typically wouldn't of eaten, I know what I did, I'm OK. With it.. I'm not 100% Upset with myself, I'am but I'm not beating my self up over this.. I know what I did and I'm just glad Christmas is only once a year.

Temptations where strong and very hard to resist, I DID stop but I wish i would of had the time to get to the gym during the holidays. I do believe that that number would of been a lot lower, Might of still been a gain but at least the gain would of been slightly less. But what is done is done.. I'm Back on track and ready to take this one again. (Not  that i stopped, but I just mean Starting back since the holidays)

So, I'm sad to say that with my 7lbs GAIN..(My very first Gain) since I started, That drops me back down to 32.9lbs Weight Loss total... Sucks But, It is what it is. I'll work hard, I'll realize my temptations, But again, I know this is something that wont happen often... Christmas Just Really over came me this year.

Lots of love,

Total Weight loss to date: 32.9lbs

If you missed my post for the "Spring Chick Challenge" you can find it HERE.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Spring "Chick" Challenge 2012

Spring Chick Challenge? What is it.. Well it's a challenge being hosted by "The Big BUTT Theory" you find her HERE, You Can find the Challenge info HERE.

Name: Monica Latour
Blog URL:
Facebook:  (Personal Facebook but your Welcome to add me)
Age: 25
Location: Dieppe New Brunswick Canada

Commit to a NSV *Non Scale Victory* 
Going down another size in clothing.. I'll be happy with Shirts Or Pants.

Commit to a set of nutrition parameters and track:
I'll be keeping track with my Weight Watchers program, I keep track of this stuff on paper.

How much water will you drink daily?
I Pretty Well, Drink nothing but water, So for this one, I'll always be drinking water, I drink more then the daily amount needed.

What items, if any, will you limit?
I'll Continue to Limit, Sweets & pop, These are very rare Items for me but I will be making sure to keep them very limited, ( As it is now, Maybe once a month for these types of things)

Commit to a set of exercise parameters.
Gym every Second Day, NO matter What, This Should be no Issue, Since I'm already doing it, Sometimes everyday.

Commit to blogging at least twice weekly and 1 of those times must be you check in with a complete up date on your progress.  I'll Commit to my weekly Progress, As always I'll keep you updated :)

Scale Victory: I'd Like to Loose 15-20lbs during this challenge.

Good Luck to all the other Challengers :)

Start Date: January 2.2012
End Date: March  19,2012

Back to it!

Finally, the holiday's are almost... Over, Not that I didn't enjoy them but I miss this gym, Starting back up tonight getting my routine back under way, I'm not feeling good :( Of course has to be the day i want to start back the gym from the holidays, Arg, None the less im going i don't care how bad im feeling I need to Work out, I miss it.. Time to get my routine back in order.

Hope everyone is getting back to normal too :) I'll update as I feel a little better <3

Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Holidays!!

Just a quick note, Wishing you all a Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas :) Hope your's was filled with Lots of love & family. Also I'v added some Progress pictures of my Journey in the "Progress" Section, Take a peek if you wish :) I have a ways to go but, Im definitely in the right direction.

Family have not seen  me since my Journey started and the Comments and the Compliments of the Noticeable Weight loss since my journey started was unbelievable, Made me feel amazing!! Gives me more motivation then EVER!

Going to make this short i'll have a better post soon, Merry Christmas to all!!!!

Weight Loss To Date: 40lbs

Friday, 23 December 2011


Well, Despite my doubts I  reached my "Christmas Goal", I feel on top of the world, I  really have no idea why I wanted this so badly for Christmas, I have so much more to go but this meant so much to me.. I think I was pulling trigger a little to much this week about my goal. If I have learned one thing from this hole "Goal" thing, I'm setting no more actual dates, it comes when it comes, The goals will still be in play but when they come they come, I'll set a certain Month, but no dates to stressful.

So with that, I'm now 40lbs Lighter then I was September 29th, I Feel amazing, A long way to go but im on this journey and this Truck is NOT stopping now.

With this weight loss, its making me more excited about my Wedding Dress, It comes in sometime in January, That's what the Bridal Salon said last time I was in. I got measured for the dress in June 2011, So I'm curious to see how it fits now. So excited about this!! I was so scared about the dress before but now im not scared at all, I know it will fit, I have yet to try on this dress as the samples sizes would not fit me. So this is a pretty exciting process, Just can't wait till I get the call that its actually in!! So excited!

Thank you all to my new Followers,friends,Family, You have Helped me Loose these 40lbs.. My promise to you is that I will Keep going until im at a healthy weight, Thank you all so much. I would not be here with out you guys!!

Total Weight Loss to date: 40lbs :)

Thursday, 22 December 2011

So Close But yet so far

Oh the Christmas Goal, I know I have till the 25th, But I'm not sure it's going to happen, I did my regular Weight In On Wednesday, and I have not lost anything :( I'v Maintained all week, Mind you this happened last week but on Friday, I Lost.. So Maybe it will be the same thing.. This week, I'm not giving up but my Christmas Goal, Might not happen, I still have until the 25th I'll do a weigh in then but dam it.. I really wanted this..I'v worked super hard all week for this, Im probably pulling the trigger to soon but im just not to sure if it will happen :/ 

Does it suck?, It sure does this would be my first "Failure", But is it really a Failure not really because if I look at what I have accomplished  its a great accomplishment and I need to keep thinking about that instead of thinking this as a failure, 

First and for Most I need to stop thinking I have already "failed" the Challenge because I still have a few days, Anything is possible and im not far off to my goal to begin with, We will see.. The next few days will tell it all.. 

Oh.. Ps.. I still feel very Moo'ish what the heck is up!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


"Moooooooooooooo" pretty well, Sums up my thoughts for the last day or two, I'm unsure if it's the fact that I'm coming up to my last few days to my "Goal" date, or what it is.. But every time I look in the Mirror, I see nothing.. No weight loss back to what I was Months ago, Clearly its not the case.. I'm still "Fat" I will be for a while lol, but I'm seeing that Shadow of the old me in the mirror and I really don't like it. It will Pass I'm sure, I just don't like feeling this way, I want to look in the mirror and see the "Newer" Me and not the Shadow of the "Old" Me..

Oh the the downs of weight loss, I mean at least I can have a sense of humor about it haha.. I think it all plays a part because I'm hoping to reach my  goal this week, I'm so dam close that I can taste it, Ok might be going a bit over board with that last statement, but I'am close I really don't want to fail, I Know that if i don't reach my goal, What I have Accomplished is AMAZING!!. But It's still going to be a downer, The most Downer part of it is the fact that if i don't make it I'm sure i'd make a few days after Christmas & Most Likely before the new year.

I'm Stubborn tho, I want it FOR Christmas lol.

With that said, "Moooove" over "OLD Shadow" your not welcome here!!

Lots of Love!


Monday, 19 December 2011

Operation Haul BUTT!

Operation haul butt starts today, I WILL make it to my Christmas goal, I will Succeed, If I'v come this far I can do this.. (Please body Cooperate this week), I'm going to eat clean and exercise till my body aches :).

No In all honesty I'm not going to push my self that hard, but i'm going to push my self a little more then I typically do, Just to insure I can make it to my goal, I'm super close, I wont say how  Close because I want it to be a surprise, There really is not reason why I want to keep it such a surprise, Other then the fact for me 40lbs total loss is another pretty big Milestone :)

So with that said here's to a great week of healthy eating and exercise!!!

This week will also play a bit of a challenge as its the week before Christmas which means i'v got a lot of baking to do, but I'll use my Family as testers.. Mwahahahah!

Have a Great week, And remember we can achieve anything we set our minds to!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Gym Kicked My A$$

Gym 1 Monica 0, Did it ever kick me in the butt yesterday, What felt like a normal work out ended up with me staying up until 5 A.M in Massive amounts of pain, The only way I can describe this pain is it felt like my Carpal tunnel. Only in my legs, the Pain was constant it wouldn't go away no matter what I did, I woke up again at 8:30 in Even More pain, By the time i woke up a little later I hated sleeping in but I exhausted. The Pain was gone but I'v got that "Normal" Feeling of a Work out today.. Which is fine, but whatever that pain i had last night Was Ruff.. 

I think it was from the new work out I did, Forget the name of it, a girl i attended high-school with i happen to bump in to her at the gym a few nights ago showed me this so I decided to incorporate it into my work out and boy did it kick my butt lol

I'm not complaining at all, I love the feeling to be honest makes me feel like i'v done something, but the pain before the soreness, I could of definitely lived with out!!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Who do you see looking back at you?

I'v been thinking about writing  something like this for the last few days but ended up reading a fellow Weight loss blogger's Blog. (That was kind of a Tongue twister) Her name is "Smasher Girl" You Can Check out her Blog Here She was talking about how the mirrors play tricks on you. Which made me Decided to actually right what I was going to days ago but just been, Busy.. Err Lazy.. lol.

But I Have to agree about mirrors playing tricks on us. One day I feel great, I look in the mirror and can really see the weight loss I'v Lost, Some days I look in the mirror and think," My god I have so much more to go" which is true.. yes i do but it's strange how one day we feel on top of the world and the next we feel like we should be hidden in side of a cave..

Today I don't feel like that, but its so strange how one day you just feel so great about your self and one day you feel like you have not come as far as you have.

I think it's just one of those "Downfalls' To weight loss, We always see the shadow of what we use to be rather then what we are now... In the words of  Smasher Girl " I Need to check ebay for one of those Magic truth telling mirrors" So True so true!! 

Also, I have not forgotten to update you all with my weight loss progress im still going at it and still keeping an eye on things, However I know a lot of people are behind me with this so, Until Christmas i will not be posting anything about how much i'v lost, Will I loose my 40lbs total Weight Loss Goal? Maybe, Maybe not!! We will see :) Im Close, But not sure If its Close enough :) So we will See im gonna Haul Ass  :) make sure to eat 100% Clean!!  

Weight Loss to Date 32.2 lbs

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


people reading my blog are probably going to  think this girl is nuts, but does anyone else give the gym Equipment "Pet Names"? lol I was thinking about this today while i was on the "Cross Ramp" I think that's the Original name, I really don't know the actual name of this Piece of equipment, its like a Elliptical, but a little bit different, You Definitely  Get a different work out with this baby, When I started the gym I named this Machine Killer, Because it legit killed my legs the next day, Over the last few weeks, Iv grown to actually love Killer, Today I figured out a new "Setting" Or "Workout" with this Machine, It was Amazing! It felt like i could of went forever, I Kind of felt bad I ever gave "Her" the name killer, Altho I'v Named her Killer, I'll continue to call her that, Just because That's Her Name now lol.

 After Writing this post, I truly Just realized how silly this hole post sounds, I'm debating hitting the Close Button, but you no what.. This is part  of my Journey, This part I must say a silly one lol. 

Im Really Enjoying the gym, I would of never thought i'd Enjoy it as much as I do,Walking in there and walking out are 2 totally Different Feelings, Walking it you feel Like your doing something great for body and Mind, You Walk out, Feeling on top of the world, I come out of there with so much energy and Motivation its crazy,

I'm Actually on my way there soon :) This will be my second time today, Makes me feel great saying i went to the gym 2 times today :)

Anyhoo, This was Probably one of the most "Useless" Post i'v written to date, but don't we all have those? 

Thanks for the support :)

Total Weight Loss to date : 32.2lbs 

Monday, 12 December 2011

Scale VS Me

Scales, The word in itself is quite scary, The Fact that I own a scale in itself is quite an accomplishment. but having a scale in my surroundings whenever I want to weight myself, kinda scares me in fact it actual bothers me that I own a scale, My reason for this is simple, I tend to dwell on the scale to much where I'm weighing my self one to many times a day, To see the numbers go up and down all day Freaks me out, I know I know.. I shouldn't even be focusing on the scale. I Really Should only be weighing my self once a week.. So that i don't see the numbers jump up and down, It freaks me out and truthfully kind of discourages me sometimes, not enough to quit or anything but it kinda hinders my "on top of the world" Feeling lol.. Scale 1 Monica 0..... Is how i feel lol 

That was just a thought for today, Been kinda down today.. I'll Push thru tho, No Worries there :)

Total Weight Loss to Date 32.2

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Goal's :)

I'v always talk to you guys about little goal's but today I kind of want to talk about bigger goals, and even some of my smaller ones too.. We all know that my Christmas goal is to loose a total of 40lbs :).. Will I Make it there.. Im Hoping and Doing everything I Should be to make it to that goal, But we will see.. Im Content I CAN DO IT.But if I don't make that goal, Then Im ok With that But im surly doing everything i can do make it to that goal. 
Reaching that Goal, Also means reaching my 10%, Actually my 10% is 37lbs,  so its kinda like hitting two goals in one.. I CAN DO IT!

A Longer Term Goal, But not super Long, For the wedding I love to reach a total of 80lbs Lost for our wedding, I feel its a pretty reasonable amount, Given that (When I figured it out). I'd have to loose Approx, 2lbs per Week to reach that goal.. From what iv already Lost till then.. I believe its a pretty reasonable goal, And what a great accomplishment.. Hoping to Reach that Goal as well :)...

What come After the Wedding, Well.. Simple.. 100lbs Have not set a Goal Time for that one yet, As im taking one goal at a time.. Lets not get carried away here lol..

That brings me to this Goal.. A Goal that I don't now when Will Happen but I will Make it happen at some point.. Once iv lost what i feel is a good amount I would love to walk in some sorta "Walk for the Cure" Something like that, Not a Run.. Not just yet.. But I'd Love to do some sorta Walk for the Cure type thing.. I have no idea when that "Goal" will come out but its a goal, I'd Love to reach and a goal, That i do think about Often.. A goal, I'll keep in my mind.. For when i Feel ready to Pursue that goal.. 

Some People Ask me all the time, why so many goals.. But making these small Little goals.. Not only mean im reaching my Goal, But im reaching an Accomplishment, A milestone in my weight loss Journey, The things i do today, I couldn't of possibly done Before September 29th, I was lazy, I was tired all the time I'd Walk up the stairs and Couldn't breath... While I still have a long Road a head of me, Being able to walk up the stairs with out gasping for Air, Going to the mall and walking around and Spending time with my family and friends.. With out having to sit down every 5 mins or feel like my legs are going to fall off.. Those are Accomplishments and Milestones, that I love to feel.. I love the Small accomplishment goals.. The Perks to those Goals are what keep me going and keep me pushing for more and more. 

My Question for you guys, Weight loss or not.. Do you keep a lot of small Goals, How do you Celebrate your goals. 

Thank you all for the support, the encouragement, Strength.. And just asking me how im doing. It means everything!!

Total Weight Loss to date.
32.2 Lbs <3 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

7.8lbs to my Christmas Goal.. Say what!

Weigh in day, I Lost 3.7  This week :) Which is Great!!! I'm Now closer to my Christmas Goal of 40 Total Pounds Lost, I think i can do it if i keep this up :) I have till Christmas eve, If i don't do it, No big Deal, but its my goal and im sticking to it.. So I'm now A total Of 32.2lbs Lost, I apologize earlier on my FB I wrote 33.5 Not sure how i got that number LOL.. But anyway :) The Real number is indeed 32.2lbs Lost Since September 29th :) I feel like im doing really great!! I'm still going to the gym Daily, Loving every moment, I Start Tops Next Wednesday, Which is Great.. I can't wait, I miss my support meetings, However Every single one of you have been such a great support system in itself!!

Im Making some Supper, Right now trying out a Recipes from This lady has Amazing Recipes, Im Making Her 

"Leftover Parmesan Mashed Potato Patties" They Look and Smell amazing we had left over  Taters from supper last night so i figured it would be a good addition to supper :) I'll let you all know how they turn out :)

Thank you all for your Continued Support I appreciate it all :)

Total Weight Loss to date: 32.2lbs :)

Monday, 5 December 2011

Still Moving!

So its been a few days since my last update, things are going well.. Finally turned 25 Years old On December 2, The best birthday gift i have given myself is this weight loss journey, seriously it has to be the best gift ever!

I wanted to let you all know my updates on the "Weight Loss" Part will be coming back, When i start TOPS on December 14th, The only reason why im not starting Wednesday  is because they are having a Christmas party that day and i figured since i don't really know everyone there yet i'll wait to start the actual meetings on Wednesday :) 

I did however purchase a scale for my birthday :) So im keeping track on my own, but i'll give everyone the total's once i start with tops :) Be Patient i know you'r all curious :) 

So, I will not be working with Santa in the mall, I was fired before i even started..Long story but apparently because im not bilingual they hired me.. but un hired me 3 days after, not happy with this at all, I went out purchased clothes for the job that i would never wear ever again after the job... So mad soo disappointing how poorly run the company is!!!

Gym wise, I cant remember when the i took a break from the gym, I went everyday last week and some days i even went 2 times in a day im enjoying every moment of it,I did take a break today tho, I felt i deserved it, I'll be back at it today(Monday) How i missed my work out today!! 

Things are really great I do feel great :) Loving every moment!!

Total Weight Loss to date: 29.8lbs 

Friday, 2 December 2011

Changes, Lots of Changes!!!!!!

Wow, Sorry for not updating about the TOPS Thing sooner, Well, I'm Joining  Tops on the 14th of December :) I'm going to wait till I get my new material from Weight Watcher, I will Go there for the support but continue doing my Weight Watchers Points etc :) Its just a lot Cheaper at TOPS, and i feel the support there a lot more "TRUE" Then Weight Watchers!!!

In other news, I'll Be Working With Santa this year in the Mall, After year of not working, I decided that starting off small would be for the best, I'll be working in the mall with Santa :) Doing the Kiddies Pictures, I start Monday 11-4 :) I'm super excited!!! It will be nice, even tho its only till Christmas, It will be nice to be able to have some money again Especially for Xmas :) 

In Other News its my birthday today, my 25th Birthday the greatest gift iv given my self this year, Weight Loss, giving my self A change to live again,  A change to prove to my self and prove to others how much I can do it i put my mind it.. 

I can't feel any better then that!!!

Love you all thank you all for your support I appreciate it More then you will ever know!!

Total Weight Loss to date: 29.8 lbs 

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Changes.. Possibly?

Well, Tonight I may make a decision to change a few things about what i'v been doing, Nothing bad It actually be for the better, But A Friend of mine's Mom has been in a program Called "TOPS" Which is basically the same thing as Weight Watcher, Only a lot cheaper and a lot more affordable, Its 35 Dollar a YEAR.. And 3 Dollar Per Meeting.. Compared to Weight Watchers being 20 Dollars a WEEK.. Which is not a huge deal, However if i can save the extra money that would be great, From reading up on there website, to me it sound better, The meetings seemed to be more Beneficial in the aspect that the members seem to Participate more then we do in WW Meetings.

So, Tonight im going to check out a free meeting to see if i would enjoy the meetings better then my WW ones :) If not no big deal but if i do enjoy them more, I will be making the switch, However I will Only make the switch once i receiving  the new Material From Weight watchers, Apparently a few changes are going to be happening in December so, I'll be waiting to find out about that. Because the Great thing about Tops, is your able to follow whatever plan you would like, Hench why i'll still be doing my Weight watchers Points, The only difference is i'll be getting the support somewhere else for a lot cheaper and Most likely the same type of Support. 

So I'll most definitly let you guys know what i think tonight, I Hope it works out just from there website and everything it seems Like something id enjoy more, Dont get me wrong I LOVE WEIGHT WATCHERS i do, However I really wish the meetings Allowed more time for Members to Participate rather then just the leader doing all the talking and having very little time for Members. 

We shall See i'll let you guys all know tonight once the meeting is done, Im going to the gym right after so I'll definitely  let you guys know after that :) 

thank you all for your support,
Love you all :)

Total Weight Loss to date: 29.8lbs

Saturday, 26 November 2011

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” - Lao Tzu

Weight in Went great :) 2.8 Lbs Down this week, Which feel's amazing:) bringing me to a total of 29.8lbs. I feel amazing knowing that i have accomplished this so far, I'm doing this for nothing but my self and i keep going forward with it, After our Meeting today we, Went to the Gym, I had an amazing work out in which i pushed my self even more today :) Which is great..Im one step closer to my "Christmas Goal" I would like to loose a total of 40 Pounds before Christmas :) The way im going I believe I can Succeed this goal.
Thank you all for your Continued support, your Encouragement, your all Keeping me strong with out you all i couldn't do this, So I would like to thank you all So very much.

Love you all. 

Total Weight Loss to date 29.8lbs!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Change In my Weight in days!

Hey Everyone ;)
I know that most of you are usually looking forward to my updates about how much I lost in the week, However Im going to be switching my days to Saturday :) Its just easier for me to get to and from my meetings :) Also, doing it this way because i can then go to the gym right after the meeting :)

Things are going great  :) Today will be my 3rd day in a row at the gym, I'm suppose to be taking a day break in between, But I This week i haven't felt the need for the little break, I'll be going back tomorrow as well as Saturday so that will make it 5 days in a row :) GO me!

I love the gym I really do it feels amazing to push my self to new limits each day.

So,I just wanted to give a quick update :) But things are going well, I notice new changes daily.. I feel great and the feelings keep getting greater & Greater, Thank you all for your support!!

Total Weight Loss to date: 27lbs 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Thought's And Feelings!

Things have been going great, Been religiously going tot he gym every second day :) I feel amazing I really do, I have so much more energy, and the thought at i'll have much much more as i the weight keeps going it's such a great feeling, Noticing the changes is such a great feeling too, Last night I put my winter Jacket on i bought last year, Its now FLOATING on me.. It too big, I can make it work for this year ( I dont want to buy one this year ) since this one is BRAND NEW... But its super big.. Lots of room.. Its a great feeling.. Its such a great feeling seeing my clothes fit better then the did before, Things are getting much looser etc :)

But other then that I just wanted to give a little update :) xoxo 
Thank you so much for your support

Total weight loss to day 27lbs 

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Wow wow wow, There is nothing that feels better then the feeling of accomplishments.. Being as heavy as I have and loosing 27lbs to some people might not be a huge accomplishment but for me.. That is HUGE, Yes.. I still have a long way to go.. I totally get that.. BUT 27 Pounds is amazing for me.. Iv stuck by the program and been doing things right Since September 29th,& It feels AMAZING to be able to say that iv lost The amount I have.. 

Tonight, I went to the mall for the first time in 6 Years, OK.. Let me clear that up, Iv been to the mall, But not FAR into the mall, Id park at the entrance and run it for whatever i wanted, But if it was in the middle of the mall, I'd find somewhere else to go, Tonight was totally different i went threw the mall went into stores, And enjoyed it... But here is the REAL KICKER!

For the first time in years :) I'm able to shop for bra's at La Senza Again, That is an amazing feeling.. There are so many little things i noticed tonight and I can't even tell you guys how GREAT I feel, and the best part of it all, is i know these feelings and the accomplishments are going to continue to grow!

I have set my self, A small Additional Goal, That kind of goes into my 10% :) I'd  Like/Love to loose, 40 pounds TOTAL Weight Loss by Christmas, Can i do it I think so :) That's only 13 Pounds :) IM definitely goign to shoot for it.. IF i don't make it that's okay!! But Its something I'm Aiming for! 

Thank you all for your Support I seriously couldn't do it with out the Help and Support and all your words of Encouragement <3 Thank you all For supporting me and Please keep on doing what your doing because its all working.. I seriously couldn't of done it with out you guys!!

Total Weight Loss To Date: 27lbs :)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Exercise Equipment.. No Good? I Beg to differ..

Going on my Third time at the gym tonight :) excited! Just waiting on my sister to be ready, Which is a good idea since i just had supper be nice to let it settle a little before I start working out..

So Mom had her free personal Trainer Session on Monday, Which after her experience i  Immediately cancelled my appointment on Friday with him, The reason for this is... He told her that using the gym Equipment was useless, and not good for you.. Which ok.. I understand everyone has there right to what works and what does not work. But to tell a paying GYM Customer that using the GYM EQUIPMENT IN THE GYM  USELESS? Umm Hello, Are you trying to drive a paying customer out? My mom can get her money back within 10 days if she doesn't like the gym.. It's almost made her want to do it, But she wont because its not worth what this guy says.. 

Anyway.. He spent 2 hours showing her how to Exercises you could do at home..Sorry but i go to the gym to use the Equipment, I'll do my squats at home thank you very much.. This guy was a total douche bag!!

Anyway, That's my Rant on that.. I don't think it was right.. I would of kept the Appointment if i knew he was going to teach me how to properly use the Equipment ect, but if he wasn't going to do that then its a waste of my time! 

Weight in is tomorrow!! Im super excited, Iv done alot of activity this week and hoping I did Loose something :) If I at least lost .3 of a pound I'll be at the 25 Pound mark which entitles me to a Charm, Which is an amazing feeling, Im Getting up to my 10% Pretty soon, About  12 Pounds away from my 10% :) Amazing feeling!!

Will Let you know how I fair out tomorrow :)

Lots of love & and Soon to be Sweaty Monica <3 LOL

Weight Loss to date :) 24.8lbs :) 

Monday, 14 November 2011

What Do YOU eat?? (Requested)

I was requested to write an entry about, what kind of things I eat in a day, So here it is:)

First off.. I eat 3 Meals a day, Breakfast, Lunch, Supper & I try to have at least 2 Snacks in there as well :) I watch Label's  A LOT.. Things I Look at are the Fat Content, I try to buy lower fat items,I watch the Sodium intact on everything.

Drinks: WATER WATER WATER, I Drink Pretty much nothing but water in a day, When I look for Juices I look for 100 % Pure JUICE, With No Sugars Added. However, i Limit my Juice intake in a day, I will have my Juice with My Breakfast, and Supper time. Limiting my self to 250ML (1 Cup ) Of Juice... However, Since my food intake is on a point type system. There are days Where I maybe 2 Cups Of Juice In one Sitting, So that i can get those extra Points.

Pop: No Longer really Exist in my Diet, I will have SOME once in a while, However I never have any I like in the house,I will have a  Some At a Restaurant (Sometimes, Or On an Occasion if i REALLY get that feeling for the "Fuzzyness" However.. In the last 7 Weeks, I can count on one hand how many times if had pop. I Limit it VERY MUCH.. Its not something i drink daily.

Pop Alternatives: There is a Product, I Purchased at Costco Called "Sparkling Ice" Which is  a Carbonated Spring Water. They have Flavors like, Lemon Lime, Orange Mango, Black Raspberry. They Are Zero Calories, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free, And Sweetened with Splenda Now, There is always a great Debate about Splenda, And if its healthy or not for you. But this is also something I treat, Like Juice.. They Sell the Cases in 24 Bottles.. They are about 2 Cups each Bottle.. In one sitting i'll have 1 Cup. It gives a nice Pop Taste, With that Fizz.. It's really good!

Now On to what a Typical Meal Looks Like.

Breakfast: Eggs ( Scrambled, Poached ) One  or the other.
                   Turkey Bacon (3 Slices)
                    Toast (Sometimes Not everyday) I Don't want to eat TOO much bread, So if i know im having bread alot during the day i'll skip out on the Bread During Breakfast
                    Greek Yogurt (Amazing) I will never go back to Regular Yogurt again, I find Greek Yogurt to be much more filling and a thicker Consistency, As must try if you have not tried before!
                     Smoothies My Smoothies are Pretty Simple, (Frozen Berry's No sugars added, Or Any Type of Fruit, With 1 cup of Milk, However.. I'v notice that The Juice I buy makes a GREAT tasting Smoothie.. So I'v now been making them with 1 Cup of My Juice.

I Typically Choose, at least 3 or 4 of these for a Breakfast, As I said above, With Weight Watchers, your on a point System. So for me to get my points in, I usually have to have a little bit of everything.  So 2 Eggs ( 4 Points) Turkey Bacon (3 Slices) 3 Points, Then Some Juice at 3 points makes my Breakfast 10 points. 

Lunch: I struggle, With what to have on this one, So Most Days, Im having Soup.. I make my own soup so that I can Lower the Sodium Intake..
I'll have a sandwich sometimes with the soup, Or i'll have a Dinner Roll, Or something like, that Sometimes, I'll add in a Smoothie in there. But Lunches are usually pretty Plan, Sometimes, I'll have left over's from supper the night before to change it up.

Supper: I Tend to eat lots of Chicken, Veggies, Potatoes.. I'll throw in some different meats like Pork chops, Steak, Hamburger.. Meals are pretty Plane, I'm still working on find different meal ideas that are healthy ect :) You can really eat anything you want it just has to be in Portions. 

Desserts: I Tend to Get a lot of the Weight Watcher type Deserts, They are lower in fat, Pretty tasty and Usually pretty low in point.. 

Snacks: I'll have My Weight Watcher Snacks, Like Pretzel Crips (you can purchase these at the grocery store, They are amazing good, Come in many different Flavors, POPCORN, Low Fat Pop Corns with Light Butter are not bad, the brand i have for the personal Packages.. It's 3 points for the hole bag! 

Hope this helps some of you, My food its pretty boring at the moment, Im still Learning new things, and new Recipes! 

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Gym Tallk, Changes

First, off the gym was amazing :) Had a great work out was there for about an hour 15 mins :) Felt great!!! Going back tomorrow, I'll Go every Second day, But going back tomorrow because my mom has a meeting with a personal trainer ( I also have one but mines only on Friday) It's complimentary with the Membership. Anyway So, I'll Be Going Tomorrow, Wednesday,Friday.. Then Most Likely Saturday :)

But the Main reason for my entry tonight is because.. I want to talk about Changes, My Feelings How im feeling over all :)

First off, I feel AMAZING, Knowing that im doing something so good for my health Feels un freaking believable,But I'm starting to notice little changes in my body, I feel Lighter (Obviously) But.. a few weeks ago, I COULDN'T put my Engagement ring on any finger other then the finger it's meant to go on, Tonight i was playing around.. And I'm able to LITTERLY put it on every finger now, I'm noticing Tummy changes, Just being able to reach differently ect.. One big Change iv notice is, The Seat belt in our car< I use to Struggle to get it on (When I say Struggle, It was just very Tight) I Now can Put the seat belt on and it not Being Tight anymore!!

Soo Many Great Changes, So Many Great things to feel amazing about :)

Total Weight Loss To Date: 24.8lbs 

Kicking it up a Notch!

I'm Kicking things up a Notch, I Joined the Gym :) I'm Officially A Member of Good Life Fitness, I started thinking, I'm Getting tired of just doing the Elliptical and Would like to do other things as well, So I looked into Curves.. I Loved Curves years ago, LOVE it.. Loved the Atmosphere & the simple fact that it was Women only was a great thing, ( I feel very Intimated by  Gyms, Seeing Skinny people, Embarrassed almost ya no)
Loosing 24.8lbs, Has given me that Kick of confidence I need, NOT 100 Percent but enough that I know i need to start to kick things up a notch :)

We will be going for our first work out tonight :) I'm so excited, Got my new gym bag ready to go :) Water Bottle Chilling in the fridge :) Woo..

As the day's pass & time growing closer and closer to our Wedding, I Keep Trying to picture my self at the wedding, But I really can't picture my self, I'm hoping there will be a noticeable difference in my weight-loss;) Of course I can't Expect Miracles but In time everything will Fall into Place,

I have to admit, Even tho I have not gained in the last few weeks, The last 2 weeks have been rather Ruff for me, Not that I lost complete focus, but I was loosing some sorta, Focus and Joining the Gym, Has Regained My Focus again, Making me feel GREAT again..It's Just put my mind back where i'v been wanting it :)

Anyway I have have to get some house work done around the house <3 Love you all and Thank you all for your Support!

Total Weight loss to date: 24.8 LBS

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Amazed :)

Here, We are 6 Weeks in :) Going on my 7th Week, I have lost a total of 24.8 Pounds, I feel amazing, I know I still have Plenty more to go, But every single pound counts.. I amaze my self because  I have done what most, Think about doing..But no.. Not me i'm Doing.. and I'm going to keep going :) <3! 

I wanted to give you all a quick update on my progress, I'm doing great.. Before the Weather Starts to get SUPER cold, Im starting to do some walks :) Wish i did this before because im ENJOYING walking a lot more now.. When the Snow hits, Im not going to want to be out there much, but that's what the elliptical is for :) Anyway guys :) Total Weight Loss this Week was 5.3 Pounds :)

Total Weight Loss to Date: 24.8lbs :) (That means .3 away from the 25 Pounds Charm from weight Watchers <3!! Ekk!

Thank you for the continued Support!

Total Weight Loss to Date: 24.8lbs :) (That means .3 away from the 25 Pounds Charm from weight Watchers <3!! Ekk!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

It's Okay!

We'll weight in was today :) I'm acting writing from Weight Watchers right now, waiting for the meeting to start! To my surprise, I didn't gain weight which surprised me my week was just bad!!! But I lost .3 of a pound clearly not much, but I'm glad I didn't gain!!! 
None the less I know what I did wrong 
And I'll work harder this week :) 

None the less I do feel good about not gaining and loosing a weee bit!!

Total weight loss to date: 19.5lbs 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

You are so inspirational!!!

"You are so Inspirational", "Your so Inspiring".... two phrases I hear pretty much daily, and it was just today when I finally realized, why you all say this.

Being an overweight person, Things, task, everyday life can be a task in itself.. Pushing your self to new limits is a task, Changing your life in anyway shape or form can be such a huge task.

A Lifestyle change tho.. That's pretty dam Major, That's changing everything... Its changing your whole LIFE.. Hence "Life Style Change"

With all that being said, I have Overcome my fear of "Change", I have Started eating 3 meals a day with snacks. I'm eating my Weight watcher Points & Staying within the Points I'm given. I'v cut out all junk food, fast food.. Mc Donald's who? Pop is gone.. Water  is my best friend.. Exercise, Its also part of my daily life now.
I'm in bed at 12:30-1A.M Nightly, Waking up early in the mornings. My life has done a complete 360 in the matter of weeks..

So when you tell me i'am "Inspirational" Or "Inspiring" I think I get it now, Back to my reason above, being overweight doing simple things can be a challenge and when Exercise,Diets, or LIFE STYLE Changes come in the picture.. I think most overweight people would agree.. They are scary words. But I have overcome those words, Im still Over coming them.. I'm not out of the water yet, But I'am a hell of a lot closer then I have ever been.. 

Thank you all for your Continued support with out the support,I'd still be eating poorly, no exercise and be in a coffin a lot sooner then i want to be.
Thank you for Believing in me,Thank you for giving me the strength to keep going. Words never seem like a lot sometimes, but to me they mean everything and i seriously wouldn't be where i'am today. 

I will fight this.. I will Promise to Love my self to the fullest, And keep doing what im doing..

Thank you again <3

Lots of love Monica

Weight Loss to date: 19.2lbs. *Weight in tomorrow guys* I'm not expecting a huge drop but it be nice to make it to at least 20 Pounds loss :)

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Struggling fight with myself.

Since the weekend, I feel like im loosing all focus, I feel like iv done nothing but eat poorly, (I have not eaten that bad, I will admit iv had a few "treats") But I have  Stayed within my Weight Watchers Points.. With a lot of decision's and stress from the weekend and coming into the beginning of this week, I feel overwhelmed with stress.

Im trying to get back on track and leave the crap behind me, and get back into the mind frame I was in weeks ago, I'm sure i'll get there.. Im sure.. Things just seem so much harder the last few days, My time on the Elliptical, seems like im on there forever, Seems like more of a harder fight to stay on.. I do but im struggling for that Motivation i had A few weeks ago..

With everything i'll get thru this and i'll come out on top, Baby steps. I have to realize this is part of the Journey and its not going to be Happy times.. Im going to have weeks just like this.. 

:) With that, Im still staying positive, Just not expecting to much on the scale this week, Who knows maybe im just being paranoid maybe im right!

With that said :) Im not giving up, Just feeling like im in a struggling fight with myself.. But Im winning i'll tell you that.. Im not letting this fight win.

Lots of love,

Weight Loss to date: 19.2 lbs 

Sunday, 30 October 2011

beginning to look a lot like winter!

This weekend had been kinda of bad, not horrible but I feel like iv lost a bit of focus this weekend, not horribly off focus. But enough that I don't like it.

One of my biggest Troubles I think will be is seasonal depression, my moods definitely reflect with weather, silly I know but when it's gloomy out I feel gloomy, when it's snowy I feel foggy and just not me.. I'm going to have to learn to focus on the big picture and keep focusing on how far i have come and how far I can go :)

I'm sure, I'll have no problems... Well tomorrow starts a new day, and with that I'll put this weekend behind me and keep staying positive :)

Total weight loss to date 19.2lbs

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Loosing hope

I feel like giving up today, not that I will, nor do I want to l, but I just feel like giving up... I know the way im feeling is being based on my mood right now... As everything this too will pass and I'll regret thinking this way later on... I had a late start to my day my alarm didn't go off so my day has been sidetracked, it's funny how when you really start to have a daily routine the smallest changes really throw me off...I got on the elliptical not to long ago well I guess I just got off it.

I wish I could shake this feeling I have.. But there are other things bothering me right now that I think are playing a big part in how I'm feeling right now... With everything it will pass but. I can't get into that situation....

Well I'm sorry this post wasn't as exciting as my normal post but, this Is all part of my journey the ups and downs the forwards and backwards., right now this would be a down!

Thank you all for being there for me...

Total weight loss to date 19.2lbs

Friday, 28 October 2011

Getting There!

Well, Today was my Weight in, 2.9lbs Lighter this week, I'm Happy with it, I do wish it was more, I feel like i'v ate so good this week, I even upped my exercising a lot :) But none the less i'am happy with 2.9, Just wish it was a little more.. I'm being greedy from seeing such high numbers in my first few weeks, I knew it would slow, down Just was hoping it wouldn't :P

Brings me down to a total of 19.2 lbs, Something I really never thought I could Achieve, Now I Believe, I CAN   do anything I set my mind too, It feels amazing to have this kind of confidence in my self.. While i still have a long way to go i feel better about my self everyday, Which is a great feeling in itself.

Something i learned in Weight watchers today is that apparently, for every Pound you loose, Your Loosing the Equivalent to 4 Pounds of pressure on your joints, Which is pretty neat!!

Over all couldn't be happier, Im heading in the right Direction and giving my self the best gift of all, Weight Loss..

Love you all, Thank you again for the Great Support <3!!!

Total Weight Loss to Date: 19.2lbs

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hoping to meet 5% Tomorrow!!

Hello, Friends!!
Today has been half decent :) Nothing really new to report, Excited for my weight in tomorrow I'd love to reach my 5% Tomorrow that would make me super happy :) Had a good day, Was off on my points tonight WAY under.. I had 20 points left after i had supper, Tho I felt like I ate all day, Snacks, breakfast and lunch.. Guess it wasn't enough, I Manage to get it down to 6 points tonight, Which is okay but id like to at least be under 5, they suggest we eat them all...

Tomorrow marks Week 5 of the Weight Watchers Program & I'm super happy about it, i have to say that this is the longest iv ever been able to do something like this and it Feels amazing that i'v been able to keep it up.. Iv Not had a Chocolate bar, or Sweets or any Junk food in 5 Weeks, I feel so much healthier, Exercising and eating properly has become an addition to me, Sometimes its kind of bad.. Not that having an addition to being healthy is bad, but when i eat things that I think are Unhealthy even if they are Healthy i feel guilty and automatically jump for the Elliptical, Which is not a bad thing again but, I need to learn that It's okay to have  things that are healthy and TASTE GOOD, I'm Also aloud treats but, When I think about having a treat i just feel sooooo Guilty.. It's something i will have to work on :)

Anyway Guys, Again Thank you for the support :) you will all be the first to know about my weight in tomorrow :) wish me luck!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A busy day!!!

Wow, today has been busy!!
Woke up had a great healthy breakfast

Did my work out adding on a 5 min difference to my normal time go me!!!

After my lunch I decided I wanted to get the house cleaned up and organized and make my self a better little work out spot!!! So I did just that.. Moved all the furniture around to give me more of semi "private" space!! Picture will also be below :)

Over all having an amazing day!!! Supper is on the go. We are having healthy baked pork chops for supper with some veggies and what not!!

Last night I made a great healthy treat, called "boo-nana" pops.. I can't take credit for the idea however I took bananas and dipped them in vanilla yogurt and froze them putting little eyes on them, making them into cute halloween pops, healthy to boot!! Have not tried them yet, I'm sure they will be good :)

Anyway, the rest of my night will be filled with more elliptical time! And just relaxing!! Typically I go to my weight watcher meeting tomorrow mornings (Thursday) but my ride is unable to go tomorrow so I will be going Friday morning!! I'm excited to see of iv lost anything this week :)

Thanks for the support everyone!!

Total weight loss to date: 16.5 lbs

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Rainy Day, Rainy Attitude.

Well, Here it is my first official Entry about my day :)

This Morning was a bit hard, Due to the fact of going to bed way to late, I was exhausted this morning, I forced my self to get up (I really didn't want too).. But I did, I really didn't want to eat.. But I did, The Thought of exercising, I just wanted to quit....But i didn't I Jumped on the Elliptical and did my thing, Afterwards I regretted even thinking the way i did all morning, I know it was because i was tired.. Plain and simple there was no other reason.. 

By Afternoon, I was full Of Energy and back to my self, a little sluggish the weather plays a big part in my moods, it being rainy all day was not a great help, but I will have to learn to Cope with Seasonal Depression the best way i can :)

Im really hoping I hit my 5% goal this week :), I'm only 2.3 pounds away from my Goal, And 21ish Pounds to the 10% Would be nice to see those Come soon :) But.. As i said before I'm in no hurry i know im doing the right things for me, and over time they will Happen..

One day at a time one pound at a time..

Love Always 

Total Weight Loss To Date: 16.5 (This will Only be updated Weekly)
Thank you all for your Continued Support