Tuesday, 13 December 2011


people reading my blog are probably going to  think this girl is nuts, but does anyone else give the gym Equipment "Pet Names"? lol I was thinking about this today while i was on the "Cross Ramp" I think that's the Original name, I really don't know the actual name of this Piece of equipment, its like a Elliptical, but a little bit different, You Definitely  Get a different work out with this baby, When I started the gym I named this Machine Killer, Because it legit killed my legs the next day, Over the last few weeks, Iv grown to actually love Killer, Today I figured out a new "Setting" Or "Workout" with this Machine, It was Amazing! It felt like i could of went forever, I Kind of felt bad I ever gave "Her" the name killer, Altho I'v Named her Killer, I'll continue to call her that, Just because That's Her Name now lol.

 After Writing this post, I truly Just realized how silly this hole post sounds, I'm debating hitting the Close Button, but you no what.. This is part  of my Journey, This part I must say a silly one lol. 

Im Really Enjoying the gym, I would of never thought i'd Enjoy it as much as I do,Walking in there and walking out are 2 totally Different Feelings, Walking it you feel Like your doing something great for body and Mind, You Walk out, Feeling on top of the world, I come out of there with so much energy and Motivation its crazy,

I'm Actually on my way there soon :) This will be my second time today, Makes me feel great saying i went to the gym 2 times today :)

Anyhoo, This was Probably one of the most "Useless" Post i'v written to date, but don't we all have those? 

Thanks for the support :)

Total Weight Loss to date : 32.2lbs 

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