Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Exercise Equipment.. No Good? I Beg to differ..

Going on my Third time at the gym tonight :) excited! Just waiting on my sister to be ready, Which is a good idea since i just had supper be nice to let it settle a little before I start working out..

So Mom had her free personal Trainer Session on Monday, Which after her experience i  Immediately cancelled my appointment on Friday with him, The reason for this is... He told her that using the gym Equipment was useless, and not good for you.. Which ok.. I understand everyone has there right to what works and what does not work. But to tell a paying GYM Customer that using the GYM EQUIPMENT IN THE GYM  USELESS? Umm Hello, Are you trying to drive a paying customer out? My mom can get her money back within 10 days if she doesn't like the gym.. It's almost made her want to do it, But she wont because its not worth what this guy says.. 

Anyway.. He spent 2 hours showing her how to Exercises you could do at home..Sorry but i go to the gym to use the Equipment, I'll do my squats at home thank you very much.. This guy was a total douche bag!!

Anyway, That's my Rant on that.. I don't think it was right.. I would of kept the Appointment if i knew he was going to teach me how to properly use the Equipment ect, but if he wasn't going to do that then its a waste of my time! 

Weight in is tomorrow!! Im super excited, Iv done alot of activity this week and hoping I did Loose something :) If I at least lost .3 of a pound I'll be at the 25 Pound mark which entitles me to a Charm, Which is an amazing feeling, Im Getting up to my 10% Pretty soon, About  12 Pounds away from my 10% :) Amazing feeling!!

Will Let you know how I fair out tomorrow :)

Lots of love & and Soon to be Sweaty Monica <3 LOL

Weight Loss to date :) 24.8lbs :) 

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