Monday, 5 December 2011

Still Moving!

So its been a few days since my last update, things are going well.. Finally turned 25 Years old On December 2, The best birthday gift i have given myself is this weight loss journey, seriously it has to be the best gift ever!

I wanted to let you all know my updates on the "Weight Loss" Part will be coming back, When i start TOPS on December 14th, The only reason why im not starting Wednesday  is because they are having a Christmas party that day and i figured since i don't really know everyone there yet i'll wait to start the actual meetings on Wednesday :) 

I did however purchase a scale for my birthday :) So im keeping track on my own, but i'll give everyone the total's once i start with tops :) Be Patient i know you'r all curious :) 

So, I will not be working with Santa in the mall, I was fired before i even started..Long story but apparently because im not bilingual they hired me.. but un hired me 3 days after, not happy with this at all, I went out purchased clothes for the job that i would never wear ever again after the job... So mad soo disappointing how poorly run the company is!!!

Gym wise, I cant remember when the i took a break from the gym, I went everyday last week and some days i even went 2 times in a day im enjoying every moment of it,I did take a break today tho, I felt i deserved it, I'll be back at it today(Monday) How i missed my work out today!! 

Things are really great I do feel great :) Loving every moment!!

Total Weight Loss to date: 29.8lbs 

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