Friday, 28 October 2011

Getting There!

Well, Today was my Weight in, 2.9lbs Lighter this week, I'm Happy with it, I do wish it was more, I feel like i'v ate so good this week, I even upped my exercising a lot :) But none the less i'am happy with 2.9, Just wish it was a little more.. I'm being greedy from seeing such high numbers in my first few weeks, I knew it would slow, down Just was hoping it wouldn't :P

Brings me down to a total of 19.2 lbs, Something I really never thought I could Achieve, Now I Believe, I CAN   do anything I set my mind too, It feels amazing to have this kind of confidence in my self.. While i still have a long way to go i feel better about my self everyday, Which is a great feeling in itself.

Something i learned in Weight watchers today is that apparently, for every Pound you loose, Your Loosing the Equivalent to 4 Pounds of pressure on your joints, Which is pretty neat!!

Over all couldn't be happier, Im heading in the right Direction and giving my self the best gift of all, Weight Loss..

Love you all, Thank you again for the Great Support <3!!!

Total Weight Loss to Date: 19.2lbs

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