Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Rainy Day, Rainy Attitude.

Well, Here it is my first official Entry about my day :)

This Morning was a bit hard, Due to the fact of going to bed way to late, I was exhausted this morning, I forced my self to get up (I really didn't want too).. But I did, I really didn't want to eat.. But I did, The Thought of exercising, I just wanted to quit....But i didn't I Jumped on the Elliptical and did my thing, Afterwards I regretted even thinking the way i did all morning, I know it was because i was tired.. Plain and simple there was no other reason.. 

By Afternoon, I was full Of Energy and back to my self, a little sluggish the weather plays a big part in my moods, it being rainy all day was not a great help, but I will have to learn to Cope with Seasonal Depression the best way i can :)

Im really hoping I hit my 5% goal this week :), I'm only 2.3 pounds away from my Goal, And 21ish Pounds to the 10% Would be nice to see those Come soon :) But.. As i said before I'm in no hurry i know im doing the right things for me, and over time they will Happen..

One day at a time one pound at a time..

Love Always 

Total Weight Loss To Date: 16.5 (This will Only be updated Weekly)
Thank you all for your Continued Support

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