Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Thought's And Feelings!

Things have been going great, Been religiously going tot he gym every second day :) I feel amazing I really do, I have so much more energy, and the thought at i'll have much much more as i the weight keeps going it's such a great feeling, Noticing the changes is such a great feeling too, Last night I put my winter Jacket on i bought last year, Its now FLOATING on me.. It too big, I can make it work for this year ( I dont want to buy one this year ) since this one is BRAND NEW... But its super big.. Lots of room.. Its a great feeling.. Its such a great feeling seeing my clothes fit better then the did before, Things are getting much looser etc :)

But other then that I just wanted to give a little update :) xoxo 
Thank you so much for your support

Total weight loss to day 27lbs 

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