Thursday, 22 December 2011

So Close But yet so far

Oh the Christmas Goal, I know I have till the 25th, But I'm not sure it's going to happen, I did my regular Weight In On Wednesday, and I have not lost anything :( I'v Maintained all week, Mind you this happened last week but on Friday, I Lost.. So Maybe it will be the same thing.. This week, I'm not giving up but my Christmas Goal, Might not happen, I still have until the 25th I'll do a weigh in then but dam it.. I really wanted this..I'v worked super hard all week for this, Im probably pulling the trigger to soon but im just not to sure if it will happen :/ 

Does it suck?, It sure does this would be my first "Failure", But is it really a Failure not really because if I look at what I have accomplished  its a great accomplishment and I need to keep thinking about that instead of thinking this as a failure, 

First and for Most I need to stop thinking I have already "failed" the Challenge because I still have a few days, Anything is possible and im not far off to my goal to begin with, We will see.. The next few days will tell it all.. 

Oh.. Ps.. I still feel very Moo'ish what the heck is up!


  1. you havent FAILED!!!!! i know how disappointing that can be though. been there more than i'd like to admit. i cant wait to hear what happens!! you may very well pull it off.

  2. Thank you Smasher! I hope soo too Would be a wonderful Christmas Gift to my self :)

  3. Do not be so stressed about the impending date. That will lead to you holding unto your weight. And since this a journey that dates are less important. What really matters is the lessons you are learning.

  4. You are absolutely right, I think i was focusing to much on the date, something I never did at all thru out my journey, Today that stops, I did in fact reach my Goal, but as of today, No more dates it happens when it happens.