Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A busy day!!!

Wow, today has been busy!!
Woke up had a great healthy breakfast

Did my work out adding on a 5 min difference to my normal time go me!!!

After my lunch I decided I wanted to get the house cleaned up and organized and make my self a better little work out spot!!! So I did just that.. Moved all the furniture around to give me more of semi "private" space!! Picture will also be below :)

Over all having an amazing day!!! Supper is on the go. We are having healthy baked pork chops for supper with some veggies and what not!!

Last night I made a great healthy treat, called "boo-nana" pops.. I can't take credit for the idea however I took bananas and dipped them in vanilla yogurt and froze them putting little eyes on them, making them into cute halloween pops, healthy to boot!! Have not tried them yet, I'm sure they will be good :)

Anyway, the rest of my night will be filled with more elliptical time! And just relaxing!! Typically I go to my weight watcher meeting tomorrow mornings (Thursday) but my ride is unable to go tomorrow so I will be going Friday morning!! I'm excited to see of iv lost anything this week :)

Thanks for the support everyone!!

Total weight loss to date: 16.5 lbs

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