Sunday, 30 October 2011

beginning to look a lot like winter!

This weekend had been kinda of bad, not horrible but I feel like iv lost a bit of focus this weekend, not horribly off focus. But enough that I don't like it.

One of my biggest Troubles I think will be is seasonal depression, my moods definitely reflect with weather, silly I know but when it's gloomy out I feel gloomy, when it's snowy I feel foggy and just not me.. I'm going to have to learn to focus on the big picture and keep focusing on how far i have come and how far I can go :)

I'm sure, I'll have no problems... Well tomorrow starts a new day, and with that I'll put this weekend behind me and keep staying positive :)

Total weight loss to date 19.2lbs

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Loosing hope

I feel like giving up today, not that I will, nor do I want to l, but I just feel like giving up... I know the way im feeling is being based on my mood right now... As everything this too will pass and I'll regret thinking this way later on... I had a late start to my day my alarm didn't go off so my day has been sidetracked, it's funny how when you really start to have a daily routine the smallest changes really throw me off...I got on the elliptical not to long ago well I guess I just got off it.

I wish I could shake this feeling I have.. But there are other things bothering me right now that I think are playing a big part in how I'm feeling right now... With everything it will pass but. I can't get into that situation....

Well I'm sorry this post wasn't as exciting as my normal post but, this Is all part of my journey the ups and downs the forwards and backwards., right now this would be a down!

Thank you all for being there for me...

Total weight loss to date 19.2lbs

Friday, 28 October 2011

Getting There!

Well, Today was my Weight in, 2.9lbs Lighter this week, I'm Happy with it, I do wish it was more, I feel like i'v ate so good this week, I even upped my exercising a lot :) But none the less i'am happy with 2.9, Just wish it was a little more.. I'm being greedy from seeing such high numbers in my first few weeks, I knew it would slow, down Just was hoping it wouldn't :P

Brings me down to a total of 19.2 lbs, Something I really never thought I could Achieve, Now I Believe, I CAN   do anything I set my mind too, It feels amazing to have this kind of confidence in my self.. While i still have a long way to go i feel better about my self everyday, Which is a great feeling in itself.

Something i learned in Weight watchers today is that apparently, for every Pound you loose, Your Loosing the Equivalent to 4 Pounds of pressure on your joints, Which is pretty neat!!

Over all couldn't be happier, Im heading in the right Direction and giving my self the best gift of all, Weight Loss..

Love you all, Thank you again for the Great Support <3!!!

Total Weight Loss to Date: 19.2lbs

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hoping to meet 5% Tomorrow!!

Hello, Friends!!
Today has been half decent :) Nothing really new to report, Excited for my weight in tomorrow I'd love to reach my 5% Tomorrow that would make me super happy :) Had a good day, Was off on my points tonight WAY under.. I had 20 points left after i had supper, Tho I felt like I ate all day, Snacks, breakfast and lunch.. Guess it wasn't enough, I Manage to get it down to 6 points tonight, Which is okay but id like to at least be under 5, they suggest we eat them all...

Tomorrow marks Week 5 of the Weight Watchers Program & I'm super happy about it, i have to say that this is the longest iv ever been able to do something like this and it Feels amazing that i'v been able to keep it up.. Iv Not had a Chocolate bar, or Sweets or any Junk food in 5 Weeks, I feel so much healthier, Exercising and eating properly has become an addition to me, Sometimes its kind of bad.. Not that having an addition to being healthy is bad, but when i eat things that I think are Unhealthy even if they are Healthy i feel guilty and automatically jump for the Elliptical, Which is not a bad thing again but, I need to learn that It's okay to have  things that are healthy and TASTE GOOD, I'm Also aloud treats but, When I think about having a treat i just feel sooooo Guilty.. It's something i will have to work on :)

Anyway Guys, Again Thank you for the support :) you will all be the first to know about my weight in tomorrow :) wish me luck!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A busy day!!!

Wow, today has been busy!!
Woke up had a great healthy breakfast

Did my work out adding on a 5 min difference to my normal time go me!!!

After my lunch I decided I wanted to get the house cleaned up and organized and make my self a better little work out spot!!! So I did just that.. Moved all the furniture around to give me more of semi "private" space!! Picture will also be below :)

Over all having an amazing day!!! Supper is on the go. We are having healthy baked pork chops for supper with some veggies and what not!!

Last night I made a great healthy treat, called "boo-nana" pops.. I can't take credit for the idea however I took bananas and dipped them in vanilla yogurt and froze them putting little eyes on them, making them into cute halloween pops, healthy to boot!! Have not tried them yet, I'm sure they will be good :)

Anyway, the rest of my night will be filled with more elliptical time! And just relaxing!! Typically I go to my weight watcher meeting tomorrow mornings (Thursday) but my ride is unable to go tomorrow so I will be going Friday morning!! I'm excited to see of iv lost anything this week :)

Thanks for the support everyone!!

Total weight loss to date: 16.5 lbs

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Rainy Day, Rainy Attitude.

Well, Here it is my first official Entry about my day :)

This Morning was a bit hard, Due to the fact of going to bed way to late, I was exhausted this morning, I forced my self to get up (I really didn't want too).. But I did, I really didn't want to eat.. But I did, The Thought of exercising, I just wanted to quit....But i didn't I Jumped on the Elliptical and did my thing, Afterwards I regretted even thinking the way i did all morning, I know it was because i was tired.. Plain and simple there was no other reason.. 

By Afternoon, I was full Of Energy and back to my self, a little sluggish the weather plays a big part in my moods, it being rainy all day was not a great help, but I will have to learn to Cope with Seasonal Depression the best way i can :)

Im really hoping I hit my 5% goal this week :), I'm only 2.3 pounds away from my Goal, And 21ish Pounds to the 10% Would be nice to see those Come soon :) But.. As i said before I'm in no hurry i know im doing the right things for me, and over time they will Happen..

One day at a time one pound at a time..

Love Always 

Total Weight Loss To Date: 16.5 (This will Only be updated Weekly)
Thank you all for your Continued Support

A Lifestyle change.

As many of you already know, Iv started a long journey, a journey in which will not only better myself psychically, but emotionally too.

My Reason's for a lifestyle change, are pretty simple.. I want to be all I can be, I don't want little things in life holding me back and they where and I was quite frankly tired of it. With a little Determination and Motivation I decided to join Weight Watchers.. I needed the support, I needed that little extra "Push" if you will, knowing that every week id be going in front of mostly the same people getting weighed in, It's given me the boost to push my self harder and harder everyday.
Within 4 weeks, I have made a total 360 of my life. I went from going to bed at 6,7 sometimes even 8A.M to being in bed by Midnight-1A.M everyday.. and waking up at 9A.M sharp everyday, I went from eating one meal a day, to eating 3 meals a day with snacks.Cutting Out all Junk food, no pop, I exercise 2-3 Times a day and Iv pushed my self to new limits daily!!

How do I feel? Man, I'm not sure words can describe how I currently feel, I'm Motivated, I'm being supported by a wonderful group of family and friends. I have so much energy now, I'm noticing  how much I can do, While 4 weeks ago, I wasn't able to half of what I can do today, Having Clothes Fit differently, The Small little changes are such a wonderful feeling.. I love it..

While I have a long road a head of me.. I'm taking this Journey, ONE DAY AT A TIME

I'll be using this Blog to update you all on my progress, My Journey, My Troubles.. I Hope you all Continue to support me, As this is just the beginning, and I couldn't do it with out you all!

Love Always, Monica

Total Weight Loss: 16.5 pounds.