Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hoping to meet 5% Tomorrow!!

Hello, Friends!!
Today has been half decent :) Nothing really new to report, Excited for my weight in tomorrow I'd love to reach my 5% Tomorrow that would make me super happy :) Had a good day, Was off on my points tonight WAY under.. I had 20 points left after i had supper, Tho I felt like I ate all day, Snacks, breakfast and lunch.. Guess it wasn't enough, I Manage to get it down to 6 points tonight, Which is okay but id like to at least be under 5, they suggest we eat them all...

Tomorrow marks Week 5 of the Weight Watchers Program & I'm super happy about it, i have to say that this is the longest iv ever been able to do something like this and it Feels amazing that i'v been able to keep it up.. Iv Not had a Chocolate bar, or Sweets or any Junk food in 5 Weeks, I feel so much healthier, Exercising and eating properly has become an addition to me, Sometimes its kind of bad.. Not that having an addition to being healthy is bad, but when i eat things that I think are Unhealthy even if they are Healthy i feel guilty and automatically jump for the Elliptical, Which is not a bad thing again but, I need to learn that It's okay to have  things that are healthy and TASTE GOOD, I'm Also aloud treats but, When I think about having a treat i just feel sooooo Guilty.. It's something i will have to work on :)

Anyway Guys, Again Thank you for the support :) you will all be the first to know about my weight in tomorrow :) wish me luck!

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