Thursday, 17 November 2011


Wow wow wow, There is nothing that feels better then the feeling of accomplishments.. Being as heavy as I have and loosing 27lbs to some people might not be a huge accomplishment but for me.. That is HUGE, Yes.. I still have a long way to go.. I totally get that.. BUT 27 Pounds is amazing for me.. Iv stuck by the program and been doing things right Since September 29th,& It feels AMAZING to be able to say that iv lost The amount I have.. 

Tonight, I went to the mall for the first time in 6 Years, OK.. Let me clear that up, Iv been to the mall, But not FAR into the mall, Id park at the entrance and run it for whatever i wanted, But if it was in the middle of the mall, I'd find somewhere else to go, Tonight was totally different i went threw the mall went into stores, And enjoyed it... But here is the REAL KICKER!

For the first time in years :) I'm able to shop for bra's at La Senza Again, That is an amazing feeling.. There are so many little things i noticed tonight and I can't even tell you guys how GREAT I feel, and the best part of it all, is i know these feelings and the accomplishments are going to continue to grow!

I have set my self, A small Additional Goal, That kind of goes into my 10% :) I'd  Like/Love to loose, 40 pounds TOTAL Weight Loss by Christmas, Can i do it I think so :) That's only 13 Pounds :) IM definitely goign to shoot for it.. IF i don't make it that's okay!! But Its something I'm Aiming for! 

Thank you all for your Support I seriously couldn't do it with out the Help and Support and all your words of Encouragement <3 Thank you all For supporting me and Please keep on doing what your doing because its all working.. I seriously couldn't of done it with out you guys!!

Total Weight Loss To Date: 27lbs :)


  1. So glad to see you so happy and I think 25 pounds is amazing even you still have a ways to go I know how hard it is to lose weight it doesnt matter if its a little or alot its something to be proud of yourself for :) Also wanted to say that is sucks that your mom had such an awful experience with the trainer, I had a consult with one from the Y and she was amazing showed me how to use everything I needed and set up a great routine for me when I was going, I definitely need to get back into it.

    Keep up the great work Mon, so happy for you :)

    Ashley Chase

  2. Great job!!! I look forward to following your blog. Glad I found it. Ive added you to my blog roll so others can follow you as well.

  3. Thanks so much for the comment @Weight Watcher Wannabe, Thank you for adding me to your blog roll, That means alot!!