Monday, 14 November 2011

What Do YOU eat?? (Requested)

I was requested to write an entry about, what kind of things I eat in a day, So here it is:)

First off.. I eat 3 Meals a day, Breakfast, Lunch, Supper & I try to have at least 2 Snacks in there as well :) I watch Label's  A LOT.. Things I Look at are the Fat Content, I try to buy lower fat items,I watch the Sodium intact on everything.

Drinks: WATER WATER WATER, I Drink Pretty much nothing but water in a day, When I look for Juices I look for 100 % Pure JUICE, With No Sugars Added. However, i Limit my Juice intake in a day, I will have my Juice with My Breakfast, and Supper time. Limiting my self to 250ML (1 Cup ) Of Juice... However, Since my food intake is on a point type system. There are days Where I maybe 2 Cups Of Juice In one Sitting, So that i can get those extra Points.

Pop: No Longer really Exist in my Diet, I will have SOME once in a while, However I never have any I like in the house,I will have a  Some At a Restaurant (Sometimes, Or On an Occasion if i REALLY get that feeling for the "Fuzzyness" However.. In the last 7 Weeks, I can count on one hand how many times if had pop. I Limit it VERY MUCH.. Its not something i drink daily.

Pop Alternatives: There is a Product, I Purchased at Costco Called "Sparkling Ice" Which is  a Carbonated Spring Water. They have Flavors like, Lemon Lime, Orange Mango, Black Raspberry. They Are Zero Calories, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free, And Sweetened with Splenda Now, There is always a great Debate about Splenda, And if its healthy or not for you. But this is also something I treat, Like Juice.. They Sell the Cases in 24 Bottles.. They are about 2 Cups each Bottle.. In one sitting i'll have 1 Cup. It gives a nice Pop Taste, With that Fizz.. It's really good!

Now On to what a Typical Meal Looks Like.

Breakfast: Eggs ( Scrambled, Poached ) One  or the other.
                   Turkey Bacon (3 Slices)
                    Toast (Sometimes Not everyday) I Don't want to eat TOO much bread, So if i know im having bread alot during the day i'll skip out on the Bread During Breakfast
                    Greek Yogurt (Amazing) I will never go back to Regular Yogurt again, I find Greek Yogurt to be much more filling and a thicker Consistency, As must try if you have not tried before!
                     Smoothies My Smoothies are Pretty Simple, (Frozen Berry's No sugars added, Or Any Type of Fruit, With 1 cup of Milk, However.. I'v notice that The Juice I buy makes a GREAT tasting Smoothie.. So I'v now been making them with 1 Cup of My Juice.

I Typically Choose, at least 3 or 4 of these for a Breakfast, As I said above, With Weight Watchers, your on a point System. So for me to get my points in, I usually have to have a little bit of everything.  So 2 Eggs ( 4 Points) Turkey Bacon (3 Slices) 3 Points, Then Some Juice at 3 points makes my Breakfast 10 points. 

Lunch: I struggle, With what to have on this one, So Most Days, Im having Soup.. I make my own soup so that I can Lower the Sodium Intake..
I'll have a sandwich sometimes with the soup, Or i'll have a Dinner Roll, Or something like, that Sometimes, I'll add in a Smoothie in there. But Lunches are usually pretty Plan, Sometimes, I'll have left over's from supper the night before to change it up.

Supper: I Tend to eat lots of Chicken, Veggies, Potatoes.. I'll throw in some different meats like Pork chops, Steak, Hamburger.. Meals are pretty Plane, I'm still working on find different meal ideas that are healthy ect :) You can really eat anything you want it just has to be in Portions. 

Desserts: I Tend to Get a lot of the Weight Watcher type Deserts, They are lower in fat, Pretty tasty and Usually pretty low in point.. 

Snacks: I'll have My Weight Watcher Snacks, Like Pretzel Crips (you can purchase these at the grocery store, They are amazing good, Come in many different Flavors, POPCORN, Low Fat Pop Corns with Light Butter are not bad, the brand i have for the personal Packages.. It's 3 points for the hole bag! 

Hope this helps some of you, My food its pretty boring at the moment, Im still Learning new things, and new Recipes! 

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