Monday, 12 December 2011

Scale VS Me

Scales, The word in itself is quite scary, The Fact that I own a scale in itself is quite an accomplishment. but having a scale in my surroundings whenever I want to weight myself, kinda scares me in fact it actual bothers me that I own a scale, My reason for this is simple, I tend to dwell on the scale to much where I'm weighing my self one to many times a day, To see the numbers go up and down all day Freaks me out, I know I know.. I shouldn't even be focusing on the scale. I Really Should only be weighing my self once a week.. So that i don't see the numbers jump up and down, It freaks me out and truthfully kind of discourages me sometimes, not enough to quit or anything but it kinda hinders my "on top of the world" Feeling lol.. Scale 1 Monica 0..... Is how i feel lol 

That was just a thought for today, Been kinda down today.. I'll Push thru tho, No Worries there :)

Total Weight Loss to Date 32.2


  1. i hear ya sister! i have to tuck my scale under a cabinet so i dont even see it until weigh-in day.

  2. I'm Tempted to do that too, Just so i can stop dwelling on it so much, Because today alone iv stepped on it *Arg* One to many times lol.. Good idea!! Going to try that out lol

  3. Hi Monica, I can really relate to your post! I wish I had some encouraging words to share, but it's definitely a daily struggle with me as well. Best wishes to you.

  4. Thanks Skye-Lynn,It helps in itself that Other people can Relate, Not that i wish it for anyone else but it certainly helps that other people are out there and can relate to my Journey as well :) Thanks for Reading!!