Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy New Year!!

Well, the year is coming to and end (Or it has ended depending when I post this). But I wanted to talk to you about my Goals for 2012 :)

2012 Goals

  • Get Fit Stay Fit
  • Continue to eat healthy 
  • Try new foods, Please leave some suggestions as to what kind of foods you like to eat, My trouble area's of what to eat are Lunch/Snacks.. What are some healthy Snacks & lunches do  you  eat?
  • Increase my work out times for each machine (Elliptical, etc)
  • Continue to loose weight which is a given, I'm not 100% comfortable giving my weight right now, In time I will Let you all know. 

So those are just a few goals as of right now, I'm sure i'll add many more as the year progresses :) But for now these are the goals and I'm sticking to them. I'm excited about the 2012 year, Getting Married, Getting Fit.. Most exciting thing about this  is just seeing my progress as a full year rather then just a few months ;) 

To a great new year. Filled with Happiness, Love, Fitness, Friends & Just a plain healthy life style :)
Who's With me!

Love, Monica.

*Note* So Here we are Happy New Year :) I had a great NYE with my Family my friends!! It was a great time, I drank way more then I planned I really hope this doesn't set me back :/ I'm not a drinker, I have a drink maybe Once a year if that & Last Night I had about 4.. My limit was going to be 2 but I was having  such a great time..

I have some great news! Yesterday I also found out I won 2 tickets to see Randy from Say yes to the dress on TLC :) Not sure if anyone knows of him :) BUT He's coming to Moncton At a bridal Expo on January 13th, I was THRILLED to win these tickets :) They are 40 bucks a piece and I couldn't afford to go so, being able to win these tickets was such a great start to my new year!


  1. You have great goals, very reachable and fair. Wishing you lots of luck for 2012, you can do it!!

  2. You'll do good roodles you came this fair you'll go even farther stay focused :).. Happy new year i had a great time last nite best time ive had in awhile ! <3 love you! xox ... Melly <3

  3. Blog Wobble- Thank you so much!! Wishing you lots of luck as well

    Melly- Yaye you Finally Commented :) you should comment more often <3 Had lots of fun too!!

  4. congrats!!!! what more could a blushing bride want?? i hear you on the "needing food idea" thing. its hard to keep things interesting. for snack i love a piece of LF cheese and an apple, i also like hard boiled eggs....