*Note* Will Update as my Goals are Reached and will add goals frequently

Short Term Goals:

Reach 25lbs Lost
Reach my 5% 
Reach My 10% 
Loose a total 40lbs For Christmas.. Deadline December 25th
Reach 50 Lbs Lost
Reach 75 Lbs Lost
Be able to weight my self on the gym Scale
Get out of the 300's (Almost there)

Long Term Goals:

Loose a Total Of 80 Pounds For Our Wedding (June 23rd) 
Loose a Total Of 100 Pounds
Eventually be able to a walk for the cure type thing  and finish it!
Be able to shop in any clothing store


  1. Thank you Stormy :) Proud to say I get to check off another Goal today I In-fact Reached my Christmas Goal!!! All that worrying for nothing!!