Friday, 16 December 2011

Who do you see looking back at you?

I'v been thinking about writing  something like this for the last few days but ended up reading a fellow Weight loss blogger's Blog. (That was kind of a Tongue twister) Her name is "Smasher Girl" You Can Check out her Blog Here She was talking about how the mirrors play tricks on you. Which made me Decided to actually right what I was going to days ago but just been, Busy.. Err Lazy.. lol.

But I Have to agree about mirrors playing tricks on us. One day I feel great, I look in the mirror and can really see the weight loss I'v Lost, Some days I look in the mirror and think," My god I have so much more to go" which is true.. yes i do but it's strange how one day we feel on top of the world and the next we feel like we should be hidden in side of a cave..

Today I don't feel like that, but its so strange how one day you just feel so great about your self and one day you feel like you have not come as far as you have.

I think it's just one of those "Downfalls' To weight loss, We always see the shadow of what we use to be rather then what we are now... In the words of  Smasher Girl " I Need to check ebay for one of those Magic truth telling mirrors" So True so true!! 

Also, I have not forgotten to update you all with my weight loss progress im still going at it and still keeping an eye on things, However I know a lot of people are behind me with this so, Until Christmas i will not be posting anything about how much i'v lost, Will I loose my 40lbs total Weight Loss Goal? Maybe, Maybe not!! We will see :) Im Close, But not sure If its Close enough :) So we will See im gonna Haul Ass  :) make sure to eat 100% Clean!!  

Weight Loss to Date 32.2 lbs


  1. I certainly understand this! I have days when I feel huge - I had them at 345 pounds, and 245, and now at 195, and every weight in between. And even now, I have days when I look in the mirror and can't tell I've lost any weight. Taking lots of progress pics helps, as does focusing on the bigger picture of the weight loss journey. I like to list positive things I can and can't do with my body as it is now, as opposed to 150 pounds ago. I'm not where I want to be just yet, but that doesn't mean I can't celebrate where I am right now!

  2. I'v been also taking lots of pictures and your right it definitely does help for those down day, I Celebrate all my Great Victories, even the small ones, Doesn't mean i go out to eat a pizza every time but I'v learnt o Celebrate in good ways :) Haha!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to leave a comment!

    I try not to look in mirrors a lot because of the some days you feel good, some days you don't thing that happens.

    Good luck with your Christmas goal, I hope you reach it. I probably didn't choose the best time to create my weight loss blog (packing on the pounds during Christmas!) but I guess it will hold me more accountable. Encouraging to see people like you that are doing well!

  4. Thanks so Much K,As Tempting as the holidays are, My fav time of year, The treats the goodies, Its just not worth the holidays only last a few days, and for me its not worth the extra few Pounds, I'll treat my self but i'll also keep going to the gym during the holidays no matter how busy I'll be i'll make the effort to go for an hour! I'll check your blog out :) Thanks for Commenting!

  5. hey! thanks for the shout out :-) glad to hear im not the only one!

  6. Your Very Welcome SG :) Your Def Not the only one!