Friday, 30 December 2011

Coming Clean...

*Sigh*... You see the little guy, Nope not the yellow one's... But the red one.. That would have to be me when I found out what I'm about to tell you. I figured admitting to the truth is better, and will bring me farther in my journey, But here goes nothing..Some how over the holidays I manage to gain 7lbs, Actually Make that 7.1lbs *INSERT SHOCKED FACE HERE* Yeah,  I have no idea if it was the missing the gym for pretty much a week, (which in no doubt it was that), I did watch what I ate over the holidays, but I did "Indulge" In a few foods I typically wouldn't of eaten, I know what I did, I'm OK. With it.. I'm not 100% Upset with myself, I'am but I'm not beating my self up over this.. I know what I did and I'm just glad Christmas is only once a year.

Temptations where strong and very hard to resist, I DID stop but I wish i would of had the time to get to the gym during the holidays. I do believe that that number would of been a lot lower, Might of still been a gain but at least the gain would of been slightly less. But what is done is done.. I'm Back on track and ready to take this one again. (Not  that i stopped, but I just mean Starting back since the holidays)

So, I'm sad to say that with my 7lbs GAIN..(My very first Gain) since I started, That drops me back down to 32.9lbs Weight Loss total... Sucks But, It is what it is. I'll work hard, I'll realize my temptations, But again, I know this is something that wont happen often... Christmas Just Really over came me this year.

Lots of love,

Total Weight loss to date: 32.9lbs

If you missed my post for the "Spring Chick Challenge" you can find it HERE.


  1. My thought is that a lot of the 7lbs is water. Get back on track, flush your system with water, and you'll shed these pounds like nothing! :)

  2. I'm really hoping lol, Because 7lbs, I mean Gosh, I ate, BAD.. but I mean I didn't eat that badly, I'm quite shocked my self, I know i indulged on a few things but 7lbs worth i'm not to sure.. None the less :) I'm back at the gym, eating properly :) So we will see how things work out next week :)

  3. oh no.... i have been there. with me i can really pack on the pounds if i eat anything processed or high in sodium (which is in everything) i am very sensitive to water retention from salt. it takes a surplus of 3500 cals to add a pound of fat. do you think you consumed an extra 24,500 calories??? (is my math right?) and i mean extra! in addition to the amount of calories it takes to keep you alive? i dont think so. it will come off. i am dreading my weigh in. i have had a horrible week. i give you so much credit for being honest about your set backs. after you have lost 100+ pounds and people flock to your blog to discover all your secrets and get encouragement, they are going to want to be able to read about your ups and downs. your highs and lows. your successes and setbacks. we are in this for the LONG haul..... you look great. even though im sure you dont feel great. you are so close. hang in there.

  4. I definitely would say I didn't Eat that much at all, however, I weighed my self recently and have lost another 3 pounds or so, So I believe, A lot of it was water weight :) but i think i did gain some weight,A small Set back , Could of been worse is the way i see it, Here is a to a new year!!