Wednesday, 21 December 2011


"Moooooooooooooo" pretty well, Sums up my thoughts for the last day or two, I'm unsure if it's the fact that I'm coming up to my last few days to my "Goal" date, or what it is.. But every time I look in the Mirror, I see nothing.. No weight loss back to what I was Months ago, Clearly its not the case.. I'm still "Fat" I will be for a while lol, but I'm seeing that Shadow of the old me in the mirror and I really don't like it. It will Pass I'm sure, I just don't like feeling this way, I want to look in the mirror and see the "Newer" Me and not the Shadow of the "Old" Me..

Oh the the downs of weight loss, I mean at least I can have a sense of humor about it haha.. I think it all plays a part because I'm hoping to reach my  goal this week, I'm so dam close that I can taste it, Ok might be going a bit over board with that last statement, but I'am close I really don't want to fail, I Know that if i don't reach my goal, What I have Accomplished is AMAZING!!. But It's still going to be a downer, The most Downer part of it is the fact that if i don't make it I'm sure i'd make a few days after Christmas & Most Likely before the new year.

I'm Stubborn tho, I want it FOR Christmas lol.

With that said, "Moooove" over "OLD Shadow" your not welcome here!!

Lots of Love!



  1. You will reach your goal (hopefully as a Christmas gift!) and you should be so proud for making it that far in your journey. Can you tell my old shadow to move on as well? Its trying to creep back up on me..

  2. I sure will tell them all to move over :) hehe.. Thank you I'm Really hoping I make this goal it would be nice :) But you are right none the less, I have so much to be proud of!!