Friday, 2 December 2011

Changes, Lots of Changes!!!!!!

Wow, Sorry for not updating about the TOPS Thing sooner, Well, I'm Joining  Tops on the 14th of December :) I'm going to wait till I get my new material from Weight Watcher, I will Go there for the support but continue doing my Weight Watchers Points etc :) Its just a lot Cheaper at TOPS, and i feel the support there a lot more "TRUE" Then Weight Watchers!!!

In other news, I'll Be Working With Santa this year in the Mall, After year of not working, I decided that starting off small would be for the best, I'll be working in the mall with Santa :) Doing the Kiddies Pictures, I start Monday 11-4 :) I'm super excited!!! It will be nice, even tho its only till Christmas, It will be nice to be able to have some money again Especially for Xmas :) 

In Other News its my birthday today, my 25th Birthday the greatest gift iv given my self this year, Weight Loss, giving my self A change to live again,  A change to prove to my self and prove to others how much I can do it i put my mind it.. 

I can't feel any better then that!!!

Love you all thank you all for your support I appreciate it More then you will ever know!!

Total Weight Loss to date: 29.8 lbs 

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