Sunday, 13 November 2011

Kicking it up a Notch!

I'm Kicking things up a Notch, I Joined the Gym :) I'm Officially A Member of Good Life Fitness, I started thinking, I'm Getting tired of just doing the Elliptical and Would like to do other things as well, So I looked into Curves.. I Loved Curves years ago, LOVE it.. Loved the Atmosphere & the simple fact that it was Women only was a great thing, ( I feel very Intimated by  Gyms, Seeing Skinny people, Embarrassed almost ya no)
Loosing 24.8lbs, Has given me that Kick of confidence I need, NOT 100 Percent but enough that I know i need to start to kick things up a notch :)

We will be going for our first work out tonight :) I'm so excited, Got my new gym bag ready to go :) Water Bottle Chilling in the fridge :) Woo..

As the day's pass & time growing closer and closer to our Wedding, I Keep Trying to picture my self at the wedding, But I really can't picture my self, I'm hoping there will be a noticeable difference in my weight-loss;) Of course I can't Expect Miracles but In time everything will Fall into Place,

I have to admit, Even tho I have not gained in the last few weeks, The last 2 weeks have been rather Ruff for me, Not that I lost complete focus, but I was loosing some sorta, Focus and Joining the Gym, Has Regained My Focus again, Making me feel GREAT again..It's Just put my mind back where i'v been wanting it :)

Anyway I have have to get some house work done around the house <3 Love you all and Thank you all for your Support!

Total Weight loss to date: 24.8 LBS

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