Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Good Bye Fat Jeans!

Today marks a nice NSV :) Today is the day I dropped of my "Fat Jeans" Off to the Good Will box :).. Ok.. So I get that I'm Still "Fat" But I call them the "Fat Jeans".. Out with the old In with new!! Throwing those Jeans that has so much life left of them, But not the life I wanted to give them in that box was a great feeling. A great feeling of success.. A living proof that with some hard dedication & the right mind frame anything is possible.. Going down a full 6 sizes in jeans Since September.. is AMAZING! I Look at this picture and I can do nothing but smile.. For one.. My Old Clothes are now stored away in that box and secondly, The Place that helped me get to where i'am today.. "Good Life Fitness" With out the gym I probably would of given up!!

So it's been a great day a feeling of great accomplishments.. I did however KEEP One pair, So I can do the hole "Put them on at goal" to see how far I'v come kind of thing :) A reminder of a place I never want to go back to!!

<3 Hope your all doing well, I have Chicken cooking for supper, them I'm off to the gym :)

On That note,
Good Bye Fat Jeans, Hello "Skinny" Jeans (eventually I'll get there) NOTHING is holding me back now!

Monday, 27 February 2012

A Struggling Week.

I'm not going to sit here and make any excuses but last week was probably  the worst week I have had since my journey started.. I'm happy to say that things are back on track but boy's oh boys it was just bad

With something as simple as going to get some new clothes on the weekend it regained my focus and motivation back to where it should be... This weekend I had to go purchase some new clothes because I'm going to be starting a job on Friday :) My sister got me  2 shifts at the Tanning Salon she work's at.. It's only 2 Shifts a week, but for somebody who has not worked in years because of her weight, 2 shifts is a great start for me, I'm extremely HAPPY.. I Purchased a new pair of JEANS! Which was great because this was one thing I have not purchased to see how far I have come since my journey started in September... I'v gotten a few shirts here and there But here are the stats on how much I'v changed in the past few months..

Shirts BEFORE 5-6XL    NOW 3XL
Jeans BEFORE 36           NOW 26   *The way our Sizes work they go in two's so.. That's 6 Pant sizes DOWN, Say what?  I couldn't believe it!

This gave me just the boost I needed, To get my ass back in gear

I'v Found A picture from September 2011 About 2 weeks before i started my journey and WOW!! I'm going to work on the picture to show you guys because.. it's unbelievable!

I'm sorry this blog is a little everywhere.. Considering I have been Lost for the last week, I have so much to say :) I'll save some words for my next post, As I have more exciting news to share :)

Dusting Last week Under the Rug, and starting Fresh,
Monica <3

**Edit** So I found the picture here it is..

I'll be taking a better picture Similar to the one In September to give you a better idea but until then :) 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

{Earlier} then expected Progress Picture!

So, This is more or less a {Early} Progress picture.. I was going to wait until about 70lbs Loss, But I'v been feeling very "Blah". I Needed a pick me up so I figured i'd see if there was a new difference :) I think I see a difference, Almost as if my face is becoming more "Longer" Less Round Anyway :) I feel a lot better now after seeing this picture :) Just took a face shot for tonight.. Will do another body shot at 70lbs Loss, So in about 10lbs :) lol

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Weigh in Wednesday's

It's that time of the week again :) Weigh in day!!! Not a huge loss this week.. only 1.5lbs, I'll take it tho.. As long as it's a loss that's all that matters in my books Total weight loss to date 59.8lbs.. I CAN TASTE the 60's! Ekkkk.. Each 10lbs I loose to me is Exciting.. I love entering a new "Number".. Tonight was our tops meeting was a very quick and short meeting.. I was surprised by the women who takes my weight every week.. She got me a beautiful card... that read how proud she is of me.. Small things like this mean the world to me <3

So besides things going great this week.. I don't no why but i'v felt that "Fat" feeling again.. The feeling when I look in the mirror and only see my self 60lbs ago.. I know I'm still "Fat" I get that.. But It's a hard feeling to describe kinda feel's like I was before I'v lost the weight.. as always it will pass.. I'm not going to let that stop me!

Hmm.. What else is knew a few week's ago I booked an appointment to see my family doctor just to talk about my weight loss I have not gone to see him in years.. I'v seen him with my sister about a year ago.. Mind you that was for her.. I'm sure he will be happy to hear i'v lost well by the time i go see him im sure i'll be a little over 60lbs loss, Considering the appointment is on March 2  :) I'm actually excited to go talk to him about my weight loss i'd also like to see if he can refer me to a nutritiousness just so I can learn a little more about Nutrition, I'v feel that i'v learnt so much already but I would like to know What is right what's Wrong  :)

Hope your all doing well, I'm so sorry for not commenting I have no idea if anyone else is experiencing this but.. When I go to blogs that have the "Verification process" to enter my comment.. I'm having a HORRIBLE time reading the Letters they have put, I'v refreshed them.. and still having a really hard time.. I spent nearly 10 mins trying to get one right.. I eventually just gave up!! So In advance I do apologize!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Spring Chick Challenge End Review Week 7 Goals

Week 6 was not too bad, despite being sick I still made it to the gym 2-3 times.. Not as much as I would of liked but I didn't want to push my self either!! Besides that no complaints!

Week 7 Goals:

  • Continue to make healthy eating choices
  • Gym Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
  • Look for some new Recipes 
  • At Least Loose 1-2lbs This week.. I'd be happy with more but I'd Like to at least see a loss this week..
Non Weight Loss Goals:
  • Get Kyle & Dad There Suites Ordered for the Wedding.. (Suppose to do this this weekend.. However a snow storm pushed that back)
  • Finish Wrapping Cutlery (This was a Goal a few weeks back that never got done lol)
Hope everyone is doing great :) Can't believe we are already in week 7 of the Challenge its crazy how fast time is going!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Benefits of blogging.

At my tops meeting this week we learnt about the importance of  Journaling aka.. blogging for those of us Internet savvy :) I loved this meeting for the simple fact that I was able to talk about all you lovely girls (And Guys).. And let them know how many people are out there sharing there weight loss journey :)  So I figured i'd give you a few "Tips" or "Benefits" That blogging can give us :)

  1. When our thoughts are jumbled  and we feel mixed up blogging and writing out our feelings can help clarify those thoughts we were feeling.
  2. Blogging encourages us to remain accountable for our effort & also Motivates us to continue with our journeys
  3. Instead of overeating, Write out what's frustrating you,why are you angry?, What is making you sad?.. You will be surprised  by writing these feelings out could help you to regain focus and lead you not overeat!
  4. Recent Research is suggesting that with regular blogging or journaling  may even straighten our immune systems

These are just a few benefits of blogging or writing down our feeling  private or publicly.... I know a lot of us already know these benefit,However If I have some readers out there.. That are in the weight loss journey or planing to loose weight, Start a Journal, It doesn't have to be public, it can be for your own eyes!! It really does help!!! 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wednesday Weigh In!

OK.. Here is the scoop. Since last week I classified my weigh in  as " Unofficial" Since it was not taken from my tops scale due to the snow storm! So here are my results for the last two week!
I was down 5.25lbs for the last 2 weeks!! That brings me to a total of 58.3lbs :) Almost in the 60's! Woo!!

Hoping everyone had a good results this week <3!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I'm Still here!

I know my blogs have slowed down a lot due to the stress I was  undergoing I just didn't have anything "good" to say ! But things are better now.. Everything is worked out with the dress disaster, I'v got my new dress on a payment plan and thanks to my wonderful parents I should have it paid off in no time!!

This is the dress that made me feel WONDERFUL.. This dress made me feel like a bride, I felt the weight loss was noticeable in this dress.. So Everything worked out fine.. The money I did place on my *Old Dress* Im going to get a credit for that money and the boys can get there suits/tuxes from the bridal shop They have A LOT of money to spend so they better Dress classy!! ha ha It was a bit more then we wanted to spend on suits and stuff but I suppose it's better than having to wear that ugly dress!!

My Goals for this week are pretty well a mixture of everything i'v already done..

Stay on track, Eat Properly, Exercise.. No REAL goals this week other then making sure I stay on track with everything I had a horrible weekend, Stress got me.. bad it's okay tho I'm doing good now.. The weekend was just bad we will just leave it at lol.. It's passed its gone I'm back on the horse!

On a good note, I purchased 2 shirts last night.. I went from size 6-5X to a 3X in tops.. Which is pretty good feeling :) Can't wait to get out of the X's totally,  But none the less a great accomplishment to see how far i'v come!

So other then that, I'm doing good just finally getting my head together from all the dam stress, I'm sorry I have not commented, I Promise I will get back into the swing of reading and commenting soon!


Sunday, 5 February 2012

A "Not So" Bridal Moment.

Every little girls dream, to try on the wedding dress they have dreamed off, to feel like you have never felt before, to wear a beautiful gown that makes you shine.. Yeah, My experience was so short of that it was just plain horrible!!

From the beginning of the day, I had this weird feeling something was going to be wrong but never bothered saying anything, Got to the salon and tried *MY* dress on, I felt like nothing in this dress.. I was empty, I did't get that beautiful feeling at all.. I looked "heartless" in all the pictures we took of me in the dress..I did not look happy at all...

First off.. The dress was 2-3ish sizes to small (Great accomplishment there). So I had to imagine the changes the dress would have once it was altered but I COULDN'T I just couldn't see them, The consultant at the bridal salon held the dress tighter to show me but..still couldn't see it. Something was totally off..

We left the bridal salon ( the salon was 45 mins away from my house) so we usually go visit this discount centre type thing while we are there.. all I could do was cry..cry and more crying.. I kept thinking "This just isn't my dress" What was my dress.. Was the dress I tried on and came on here and told you guys how beautiful I felt, How I felt like a bride in that dress.. That was MY dress.. I FELT like no other in that dress.. Even with Greasy Hair (Was rainy that day).. I FELT freaking Beautiful... THAT was my dress.. I began going threw my pictures on my phone and looked at them to compare.. I LOOKED HAPPY and Amazingly goofy in the pictures of "The one I loved" I looked at what I now call the "Ugly Dress" and I looked miserable not happy at all.

The price you pay when you can't try on a dress before buying it... *Note to self.. open up a plus size bridal shop so no women has to ever go threw this feeling*

So.. I have 500 dollars into *Ugly dress*.. Which is no refundable but can be put towards other things in the salon, I have our bridesmaid dresses for the girls.. However no suites, We were going to go else where closer to home.. but we have no choice now. im hoping they will let us get the tux and what not..

I'm also hoping that the salon I tried on *beautiful Dress* At still has that one.. So That I can just purchase the sample...  Oh my Gosh.. I'm stressed to the max! But keeping a positive attitude.. I'll know more (tomorrow)..

I'll also be doing my weekly review for the spring chick challenge later on tonight.. also my new goals!!
Pleaseee Gross your fingers everything works out for me.. I CAN NOT wear that dress on my wedding day!!!

**Note I apologize for any miss spelled words or anything bad grammar, I usually try to go over this and fix things up before posting however, I'm in a time crunch and have to leave right now! lol

Friday, 3 February 2012

Here & There

So,I feel like i'v been neglecting my blog.. Just been so busy the last few days.. We had a horrible snow storm on Wednesday  according to the new's we got over 30CM.. Which is nothing new for us we get this kinda crap most of the winter anyway.. Al tho this winter it's been really good this was our first bad snow storm so I'm not complaining just hoping we don't get hit super bad from here on out lol.

So Wednesday I did 2 Hours 30 mins of Shoveling snow, Let me tell you my body still feels it and we are now Friday.. I have carpotunel in my wrist.. and Of course the night I was shoveling I was in pain like you couldn't imagine :( The pain from that is gone but my whole arm is so very soar, and I have no strength what so ever.. I'v  Missed the Gym because of the pain & I'm not happy for that but i'v been doing a lot of walking and other activities, to make up for it.. but still not happy but I'm too scared i'll get hurt or hurt my self even more if i go to the gym, When I go to the gym I push my self to the max  & know having an injury will not hold me back!!

So Other then that.. I'm doing well good eats good everything :)

Tomorrow marks the day that I go try on my wedding dress for the first time..I'm very nervous. I hope I love it.. I have no choice now, Just very scared about that Wish me luck!!

Hope your weeks are going great!! Here is a to a GREAT February :)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Unofficial weigh in

Ok.. Folks.. So Here's the scoop, We are getting 15-20cm of snow dropped on us today so my tops meeting was cancelled for tonight so my weigh in is postponed yet again, but I can't deal with weighting so I'm doing an "Unofficial" Weigh in on my own scale... My Scale Says I'm down 3.7lbs this week for a total of 56.4lbs :)

This week is going GREAT! Making lots of meals in my slow cooker, Gone to the gym (Tho tonight will have to wait due to the storm :( But I do have a Loose ol Elliptical I could use.. Tho its not the safest Maybe i'll do some exercises with out the elliptical, With this way it it now means I'm just 17ish POUNDS.. To seeing the High 200's again.. Almost another Milestone under my belt <3! 

Hope your all doing well <3! 

OH!! GOOD NEWS!! I GOT THE CALL MY DRESS IS FREAKING IN!! HOW EXCITING!! :) too bad its storming to go try it on and my dress is in another Province.. So its about 45 mins drive :(