My Story

Being overweight has always been apart of my life, being Skinny I'm not quite sure I was ever "Skinny". I was always bigger the all my Classmates, I accepted it, but I'v never been happy with "ME"... A few Short Attempts at weight loss, A week here a week there, no motivation at all. it was always short lived. 

The week before September 29th 2011 (My Starting date) Something clicked in my head and said. "You need this, You want this, You will come out  over the top." That's when I joined weight watchers. This is when my life changed for the better.. Being as heavy as I'am I knew and I know I have a long Journey a head of me but this journey is going and its going great. I have Lots to go, but I don't care that I have lots to go, I don't care how long it takes me to loose this weight, I know that I'm doing everything I possibly can to change things.

This is not a diet, This is not temporary, this is for LIFE.. This is a lifestyle change. Something I'm going to do for the rest of my life, Something I want to teach my future children when that time is given to me.This is my new way of life. 

A new way of life, I never thought i'd enjoy going to the gym regularly enjoying physical activity, the only thing I regret from this hole ordeal, is I wish I did this sooner, The feelings I feel now compared to how I felt months ago..are Indescribable. You know what the best part of all this is?. The feelings are going to keep getting better and better.. I'm starting to enjoy little things in life so much better.. My life has Change for the better and I couldn't be more Thankful.

This Blog is about my Journey, My Trials, My Errors, fails, successes, Please join me in this journey, take a ride  with me. It might be a bumpy ride but together we can do this.

Lots of Love Monica.

About Me:
Name: Monica
Age: 25 
Location: Dieppe New Brunswick Canada
Martial Status: Engaged (To be married June 23,2012)
Children: No..(wants some yes) 


  1. Good summary, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing your progress.