Monday, 30 January 2012

Progress Picture Time!

I'v been taking picture threw out my journey, (Except  my very first pictures got deleted accidently  my lovely fiance) It's okay. I know he did not mean to do it.

Most of them are on my {Progress Picture Tab}, However I figured I'd share you a new one I made up tonight :) It's also in my progress picture section now... 

But here it is.. Excuse the clothing.. Specially the one in the green, yeah that shirt just needs to be thrown the heck out at this point its floating on me even in this picture, it's worse now!

I think I can see a pretty good change from 40lbs to 52.8lbs  My Belly seems to be getting Smaller, Sticking out less so it seems, My Face seems to of gotten "Flatter" tho that could of just been the way I was looking.. But I'm noticing a few differences! Excuse the bra straps in this picture, (I told you guys before clothes are just falling off me lol.) 

But so there we have it :) I have to say one thing taking progress pictures really do help, It helps you "See" the difference. It makes you never want to go back & Keep on Going Forward.. & on that note, I leave you with a picture I found on Pintrest tonight!

*Disclaimer* I don't take credit for the photo below,I simply found  it while on pinterest, All credit goes to the original creator of this photo.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Spring Chick Challenge Week 5 Goals

Review of my last week goals :)

Spring Chick Challenge Week # 4 Goals: 

  • Gym Monday to Friday Fail ( Sunday,Tuesday, Wednesday,) ( Rest of day's I did walking instead)
  • Continue to make healthy choices * Success*
  • Continue to work on my "I don't give a crap who is in the gym attitude" *Success* 
  • Pay off my Fiance wedding band *Success*
  • Go book his Suit.. Or at least go look into what his options are (this will probably happen on the weekend) *Semi Success* We went but, they where closing in 5mins, However we know exactly what suite and colors we will be going with  :) he has to make an appointment to book :)
So, Overall this week has not been that bad, Could of done better at the gym, However the day's I did not attend the gym, I did a lot of walking that day and was active most of the day.

Mini Challenge  Try a new exercise :
Completed :) Tried out a few new exercises this week :) One I wish  I could tell you the name however I don't no the name just seen people at the gym do it :)  Also, Did some skipping :) Something I have not done in a while :) will continue to do both exercises in my gym routines! 

Spring Chick Challenge Week 5 Goals:

My Goals for this week are going to basically be a repeat of the ones i'v already have done before, But need a little work on.

  • Gym: Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday OR Sunday.. One of those days.
  • Making healthy eating choices all week long-- This one is doing good but I like to make it a goal for the simple fact that.. If I keep it as a goal I'm less likely to get side tracked
  • Continue looking into "Walk for the cure" type Things.. For Later this year, Something i'v thought hard about and something I'm really consider doing.. Weather I walk it or even try running it, It would be an accomplishment to be able to do one of these!

MINI CHALLENGE--- Caffeine free - This will be easy!  I don't drink coffee or pop, or any other liquid other then water! there for easy for me :) 
Good Luck Spring Chicks!

Saturday, 28 January 2012


Well.. Well Well.. Another Accomplishment feeling today, As mentioned in my Week Goals.. It was to finish paying off Kyle's Wedding Band and pick it up :) So we did that today, While there I figured i should bring my ring in for its 6 month cleaning ( I have not been able to wear my ring in over 3 months) It's to big now and I lost it ONCE I was very very lucky to find it.. (A women at the gym found it) long story LOL.. Anyway.. Got it Cleaned so that If anything ever happen's they would replace the diamond's.. At the same time I asked her to be sized again just to see how far i'v come.. Yup.. You see that ring up there.. I'v LOST 2 RING Sizes!! Im so happy :) I was thinking maybe half a size.. or something but 2 full ring sizes wow!!

So There are our Wedding Rings :) I can't wait to wear mine again but  I wont be wearing it until the wedding now I'v decided just to wait and have it re sized closer to the wedding since OF COURSE I plan to keep loosing more :) And Of course keep going after the wedding!

Kyle's is a Rose Gold Ring Mines White Gold (The Engagement band is also in the picture with mine)

We also got done one my other Goals for the week! which was to go check out suit options for Kyle, We in fact did that today and have to make an appointment sometime next week :) But we found the suit he will wear and the colors :)

Today is just a great day and the kicker of the hole day, while going to get his ring while we were walking out at the mall, The song im walking down the isle was playing? How Perfect is that?

Friday, 27 January 2012

Spring Chick Challenge Mid Week Review!

So, I'v been contemplating even writing a "Mid Week Review" because I simply, don't no how i'v done this week? Your probably wondering well why don't you?

I really don't understand it my self, I'v gone to the gym  I have  eaten pretty well good. I'v even added some new exercises to my work out (I wish i knew the name of this exercise but I'v only ever seen people do it at the gym) So I figured i'd give it a try.. But Something feel's off.. I'm not feeling the "Accomplishment" of a good week!  I'm not upset or not giving up or anything but I guess my mind is just kind of blank as to how to feel about this week. I'm unsure why I feel this way but.. None the less I mean I have nothing to be "guilty" for.. Maybe it's because everything is becoming natural feeling to me now, I'm not to sure!

Hope all your week's are going well.. I'm hoping to finish up some of my goals tomorrow (Going to look into what Kyle will wear for the wedding) should be fun :)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bridal Salon!

This Blog is sorta "Wedding'ish related but also has to do with my weight loss, But today, Today i'v never felt so beautiful in my life... As I mentioned in my post last night, My Friend Bessy & I where off to go look at wedding dresses for her self, (Since I have my dress ordered) should be in a week.. (She actually messaged me today) anyway while we were at one of the salons I happen to see that they had a dress IN MY SIZE! frist off.. Let me tell you that shopping for a dress as a plus size bride has been nothing but trouble.. No salons had my size back when I had to order a dress, There.. for my reason that I HAVE never tried my dress on.. The one i'v ordered.. I have no idea.. What it will look like, No idea if it will fit me good.. I have no sweet clue.. Im worried but less worried now..

Back to the Story, So While she was trying on dresses I grabbed the size i ordered and Put it off to the side, Debated over an hour while she tried dresses on, "Was I going to try it on?" I wanted to but.. Didn't want to be disappointed? What if it wont fit? So many thoughts raced threw my mind. Finally I said screw it I'm trying this on.. I'v never been able to try on wedding gowns.. I need to at least experience this before my dress comes in!

I put the gown on,  It's similar to my dress.. but not the same. but an idea of what a gown will look like on me lol the last time i'v worn any dress was when I was a baby lol.... My first thought was OMG.. I feel Huge, I felt like a WHALE... As the Dress was being tied up in the back, I began to feel it getting tighter, Fitting better, I started to LIKE the feeling!!! I Felt Beautiful I felt Amazing!!

Anyway, This made my day.... Months ago I wouldn't of even bothered try any dress on, I had the confidence to finally try one on.. AND The kicker.. Of it.. I tried a Dress.. 3 sizes (Smaller then the one i ordered) Guess.. What it fit as well (Would of needed a little bit more work on it.. But by the wedding it WOULD of totally fit as well. This makes me feel AMAZING.. This gives me the strive to keep pushing my self more and more!!

Sorry for the Random post :) but im so high on wedding dress's right now!!

Some of you have asked me about my Dress.. and if I posted a picture of it before, I have not posted a picture only because a lot of family and friends read my blog as well, And I'd like to keep my dress "Semi Secret" from my friends and family until the wedding day however :) If anyone wants to see a picture of the dress I'm waiting for Feel free to email me *I'll send you a link to the picture* :)

Feeling more beautiful then ever,
Monica xoxo

Wednesday Weigh In!

Today' s weight in was 1.4lbs down, I'm Happy with that, But sad at the same time, That either means last week I gained or maintained (since I missed my meeting last week) Either way.. Not beating my self up over it or anything would of liked to see at least 2lbs lots but that OK!

This week has been going great, Eating properly Going to the Gym! No complaints what so ever :) going to make this quick short and sweet since I have to get up early tomorrow morning as I'm going with my friend Bessy to look at some more wedding dresses *for her self* I'm Still waiting for my to arrive :( Going on 8 months  Since i'v ordered it....

Hope everyone is having a great week and had a good weigh in this week :)

Weight loss to date: 52.7lbs
Spring Chick Challenge Weight Loss: 19.4lbs 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Wardrobe Change?

Tonight I Put on a shirt that I have not wore since the beginning of my weight loss journey, Well.. OK sorry I have wore it a few times but not too much.. Anyway I put it on tonight because I simply need to do laundry & my normal "GYM" Clothes (tho they tend to be my everyday clothes at this point) needed to be washed... So back to this shirt..OMG.. I'm floating in it a shirt that once fitted me WELL.Pretty well all my clothing is doing this at this point.. Jeans are baggy as HECK.. Shirts no longer stay on my shoulders constantly falling off,Bra's cups are becoming empty.. Oh the list goes on.

 However I hate spending money on clothing that are not going to last me very long, I bought a shirt back in November.. This shirt is pretty well falling off me as well, Arg I'm so stubborn.. But with the wedding coming up buying new clothing just really isn't in our budget we have to many things going on that we need to get done..But I just Can't believe how bad its getting.. Not sure if "Bad" is the correct term It makes me feel great but makes me feel so bad at the same time, Bad because wearing clothing that looks So "Scummy" makes me feel so "Gross"

This specific shirt.. that I wore tonight.. Is a Short Sleeve t-shirt..Well, I'v lost so much weight that the Sleeve's of the shirt goes to my WRIST!! yes My freaking WRIST.. I was almost embarrassed to even wear it to the gym, But it was that or not go and that simply wasn't an option!

So my Question to those who have lost a lot of weight or is in the process of weight loss how are you going about clothing? are you buying new ones as you go? Sticking to a few outfits at at time? Ruffing it out as long as you possibly can like I'am?

Anyone who is in plus size clothing know how dam expensive it is to buy clothing so going out and purchasing new wardrobes constantly isn't an option, but I need to do something soon.. It's pretty bad when my shirts are pulling "Houdini" on me.. One minute  it's on next things you know I'm fumbling to get my shirt back on (Seriously it's happened and it was the most embarrassing situation ever!!!

<3 Lots of love

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Spring Chick Challenge Week 4 Goals!

Week 3 End Review: A Reminder of my goals last week:

  • Treat weekends like normal days Success (One more day to go but this should be easy, Going to do lots of walking tomorrow. Going to another Bridal Show. Mom & Dad Invited us over for supper tomorrow night (Dad's making some new "Skinny" Recipes I showed him :) Excited!)
  • Gym Monday to Thursday choosing one day on the weekend (My choice) SUCCESS! Monday To Thursday Complete.. Choosing Sunday as my work out day again should be no issue i'll be going after supper :)
  • Continue to make healthy eating choices Made some great choices this week/weekend :) Success!
  • Continue to work on my "I'm here for me" attitude at the gym, Not being Shy to do my favorite exercises even if there is some people in the room Was Able to suck it up one day and finally got some time in the with my weights even if there was people around I'd say this was a success, but will further work on this!
  • No more indulging on weekends.. Its becoming out of control on weekends, I'm able to get back into the groove by Sunday but this HAS TO STOP NOW  BIG Success on this one no OVER indulging this weekend :) Better yet no indulging at all!
  • Work on finishing Wrapping Cutlery for wedding FAIL... Needs to get done.. But I still have time.. I'll get on this lol.. Soon I hope!
So There you have it..I'd Say week 3 went off with out a problem :) I'll see how things turn out next week when weigh in comes :) Mind you it will be 2 in one since I wasn't able to make it to my TOPS meeting this week, but we will see!!!

Spring Chick Challenge Week # 4 Goals: 

Holy Cow, Can you believe we are already 4 Weeks into this challenge? Time sure if flying....
This week my goals are going to be pretty simple & basically will remain the same as last week

  • Gym Monday to Friday
  • Continue to make healthy choices 
  • Continue to work on my "I don't give a crap who is in the gym attitude" 
  • Pay off my Fiance wedding band
  • Go book his Suit.. Or at least go look into what his options are (this will probably happen on the weekend)

Of course most of all the goals I make weekly carry over, Hope all the Spring Chick's Had a great week and Have a great week as well :) 

Also.. If there are people who comment on my Blog, That I'm not Following Please let me know :) There are so many of us  in the challenge I'm scared I may of missed a few!! Forgive me let me know & I'll get reading :)

To a happy HEALTHY week <3

Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Secret Goal- SUCCESS!

So.. Since my Journey began.. Well  not so much since it began but since I joined the Gym back in November One of my Goals was to be able to weight my self on there scale ( I know its not 100% Accurate due to the many people jumping on it.. But The fact of the matter was I wanted to be able to jump on that scale and see what my weight is  roughly. When I started  the Gym..I was at 24 pounds loss. Which means I was at 350lbs.. The Scale at the gym Limits to 320lbs, So Since the gym was finally DEAD tonight (Went a lot later then I  normally go ) I stepped on the scale and to my freaking surprise.. I was at about 319-320ish Enough to get me on the scale and not GO off the scale,

Do you know how great that feel's? This was one of my "Secret" goals Since I had not given my true weight until a few days ago, But now that you all know my weight I can blog about this secret goal :) I'm so happy I have hit this goal !! Still a long way to go but it's a goal and its  a goal I'm proud of :)

This week has been such a major success for me.. I feel like I'v done everything properly :) Tonight even.. Tonight has been such a great evening.. First I called my mom to see what time we were going to the gym.. She mentioned she wanted to go out for supper.. I hesitated but I said yes.. I made a promise with my self that I would choose a healthier choice for dinner.. She choose Wendy's! (Actually it was my dad's choice) When I got there I Opted for a Salad!! Yep A salad at Wendy's that was definitely a first.. I Asked for Italian Vinaigrette dressing but they had none, So I tried the Pomagranet Vinaigrette Surprisingly pretty good.. From there I went back to my Mom & dad's with them... She decided she needed to pick up a few things, So we went out and walked around for a bit :) She also Purchased ZUMBA 2 Fitness for the wii, Well That was interesting lol.. Will take some time to learn the moves I think, I'm totally uncoordinated apparently, but none the less it was fun, Right after we shut the game off, We were off to the gym, We did a smaller work out but.. I'm happy to say I was finally able get some weight training done tonight and do some more cardio! What a great night, I'm so full of energy that I'm typing so fast that I have no clue if I even make any sense, So my apology  now, I'm sorry!

Anyway :) I'm thrilled that my week has gone so great :) Can't wait to see what the numbers will be next week.. I HATE missing weigh in's I wanna see my progress, But that's okay :) Hope your all doing great!!

<3 Love

Weigh in postponed

Typically I have my Weight In's today, However I was unable to make it to my tops meeting today for reasons out of my hands. I wont be posting my weight loss this week, I'd use my own scale but unfortunately I have the most un level house in the world. So unlevel that when I get on my scale & off my scale I will have 2 different numbers,I use it more as a guidance, Because typically it is generally near or close to what the "TOPS" scale says.. But Just not accurate enough to give a weight in this week... With that Postponed until next week :) I promise!

Spring chick Challenge Week # 3 Mid Week Update!

This week has been going great for me, Gym Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday. Will be going tomorrow as well :) Work out's have been excellent, Iv been working on more cardio then anything.. I miss doing my regular work out's but the gym has been insanely packed.. I know it's not an excuse but seriously our gym gets so packed people are parking up the road.. I'll be happy when it simmers down,One Great thing about the gym being packed  i'v over come so many fears.. 2 months ago you wouldn't of found me in the Main section of the gym, Id be off hiding in the women only section. Now I don't care where i work out as long as there is a machine open for me! That took me a lot but I'm starting to really feel comfortable.. Now to work on this phobia of doing my weight's in front of people.. It's a work in progress but I'm working on this everyday.

I'v been doing well with my eating so that's a plus!

My non weight loss goals have been kinda not really been happening, Since I'v been at the gym every night! by the time I get home I Spend the evening with my Fiance. I'm hoping to get some of it done on Friday night, I don't think i'll be going to the gym,  Unless my sister and her boyfriend go, Then I have a ride there :) Otherwise I'll be going on Saturday with my mom  :) I'm so grateful that I have so many different people to go the gym with, My sister & her boyfriend, mom, Bessy *My friend*. It's nice to have the change up with different people, It helps keep the work outs "Exciting". Plus which each of the people I go the gym with there is just a different  vibe with each :)

So over all I'd say this week is going off with a great success :) I Continue to bring this forward to the weekend (My  greatest challenge yet) Have a great healthy happy weekend..I know I Can do it.. & I will !!!

Hope your week's are going great!! Again sorry for the No weight loss update this week, I just don't want to give false numbers!


Monday, 16 January 2012

Thinking back

So I'v been sitting here thinking a lot tonight ( don't worry its good thinking)  I was thinking about my Journey thus far.. Specifically, How far I have come in these short months.

Back when I started this journey  I was only able to do 5 mins at a time on the elliptical (This is what I have at home). Every couple of days  I'd bring up my time up in small Increments usually 1 min at a time. Here is where I'm becoming open about my weight.. When I started my Journey On September 29th  2011 I Weighed in at 374lbs.. I know I know.. WOW, Being NEARLY 400lbs, Exercise of any sort was a struggle.. It was beginning to get to the point where even walking was becoming a bother, I couldn't go to the mall, I couldn't go on family outings I couldn't do anything because I would be tired within the first few minutes. I'd make whatever excuse I could to pass these things up because I knew I simply couldn't  did not want to do it. 

Walking up the stairs, Ouff.. Lets not even talk about walking up the stairs, I'd Nearly die out of breath

So all these challenges I had 51.3lbs ago, No Longer Exist.. Yes I'm still heavy, But now I can go to the mall and walk for hours and hours, Now i can go for walk in the park and go outside and enjoy my time with family & Friends.. Tonight I Pushed my Self to the Limit & was able to do 60 consecutive minutes of cardio at the gym   My Last Weight in was 324lbs.. Again Still heavy but able to do so much more then I could of months ago. How do I feel, I feel great. All of the "OLD" Issues.. are no longer here.. & That is what gives me the motivation to keep pushing my self daily. To keep going for the Gold....

I guess the Moral to this little Update is simply that tonight after i accomplished my first 60min full cardio work out, I realized that I can do anything i set my mind to, I knew this before but I think  It really made me realize how far i'v come and how much work I have put into this weight loss journey.

So there you have it :) You guys finally know my true weight.. Which again at my last weigh in was 324LBS.. I'm excited to see the day I hit  200's Again I don't care if its 299.. I can't wait! For Some this might not mean much but to mean its an huge accomplishment! 

This post alone is a huge accomplishment finally reviling my weight my real struggles.. Being nearly 400lbs and coming this far, There are no words to describe the "Victory" Feeling I have.. I know I  have a long way to go.. But I don't care how long it takes me to get there I will get there. I will fight this, I will have that "Inspiring Success story".

Lots of love.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

SCC Week 2 End Review

A reminder of what I choose for week 2 goals!

Spring Chick Challenge Week 2 Goals
  • Prepare one new meal   Completed 
  • There is an exercise I enjoy doing at the gym, but tend to not do it when others are around, going to try to not let my "fears" get in the way and do it anyway! Completed
  • Continue to make healthy eating decisions  So-So  Had a few unhealthier  Choices but over all not to bad
  • Incorporate more weight training at the gym Could of done better with this one.. The gym has been insanely packed truthfully too packed to be able to do anything comfortably, no excuse i'll work on this one more, I did some just not as much as I had planed. 
  • Start to figure out, what needs to be done and what' done for our wedding  Found my list, Checked it out added some things and figured a few things out :)
  • Get an appointment booked for my fiance so we can figure out what he will wear for the wedding  No go on this one.. NEED to do this before the end of the month.. or sooner :/

So, With that my week, I'd say went half decently well, Eating was not overly bad was pretty good overall a fewer unhealthy choices where made... Here are a few things I would like to work on!

  • Weekends are bad bad bad days of the week for me, Come Friday-Sunday It's as if I derail, not totally derail but like parts of me derails in some way, gym gets put on the back burner, eating isn't the greatest but isn't horrible either but i don't make the greatest choices...  Weekends are so busy for us, as this is when we need to get done groceries and all the fun stuff we couldn't do during the week With this in mind.. Here are my week 3 Goals!!
Spring Chick Challenge Week # 3 

  • Treat weekends like normal days 
  • Gym Monday to Thursday choosing one day on the weekend (My choice) 
  • Continue to make healthy eating choices 
  • Continue to work on my "I'm here for me" attitude at the gym, Not being Shy to do my favorite exercises even if there is some people in the room
  • No more indulging on weekends.. Its becoming out of control on weekends, I'm able to get back into the groove by Sunday but this HAS TO STOP NOW
  • Work on finishing Wrapping Cutlery for wedding
This Post has taken me nearly 12 hours to write lol, Iv been so busy this weekend its crazy, I'm not happy with my self this weekend thus the 2 Goals to make next weekend CLEAN and No more over indulging, Weekends are bad for me & This needs to stop now!! Im OK.. Come Sunday and Able to control my urges ect but come Friday & Saturday  its like I go nuts and it needs to stop.

Good Luck to All the Spring chick-lets :) Here we go Week # 3, Let's do this ladies! 

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mid-Week Review & Chit Chat!

So, A lot of your are shocked at my recent 8.4lbs loss this week, Truthfully I have no idea what I did, I really hate saying that. I know I ate very clean this week, I also kicked my work outs up a notch just working it harder, Switching up the machines, Maybe between the both of them it was just that :) Really no explanation.. Other the Simply eating cleaner then most weeks, and  kicking up the exercise, Last's weeks 10lbs with out a doubt was mostly water weight from 7lbs gain over Christmas, but this week, I can only put together cleaner foods & kicking up my exercise!

Hope that clears up the "What are you doing questions",  I really wish I had a better explanation!

Mid Week Review:
I'd have to say this week has been going amazing so far, Iv already tried out 2 different meals *Not Sure they would be considered super healthy, but at least they where home made and reduced as best as I could, And again everything is in portion* For those of your curious I made a beef Stew & Spaghetti sauce made out of fire roasted red peppers (This was something I was interested in trying I love pasta, but I'm not able to eat Tomatoes, So I can not eat things like Pizza, Spaghetti etc without getting really sick. So having this as an alternative when I have that craving for spaghetti is great (it turned out amazing by the way!) The Stew was also good, Iv had stew before but never made my own, I also made a banana bread which was also reduced.. I made it mostly for my father, I made a tiny loaf to keep here had a slice but ended up throwing the rest out, (It was good, Just too good and I knew i'd eat it all, It kills me to throw away food when there are so many people out there in the world not bless to have food)

 I'v done great with my work out's, I'v over come some gym "fears". I'v found my list of wedding to do stuff, fixed that up figured out a few things (Not done yet) but in process :).. Doing really good Im definitely  a head of schedule  this week.. Feel's great to see how much i'v changed over the past few months, looking back and seeing so many differences  in my self it's unreal how far I'v come.. I listen to my self when I Speak sometimes, (Or rather  replay what i'v said after i'v said it and realize, "Holy shit I sound Smarter", more wise if you will, There is just something about about my overall attitude that is totally different but for the better!

This Journey is Changing me.. Changing me in so many great way's!!

Hope everyone's week is going as successful as mine, I'll leave you with a little "Quote" that was at the
gym today. No idea who said it, but it was on the board in the reception area, thought it was kinda cute :)

"Exercise,  It's like mouth wash if you feel the burn, it's WORKING"

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

feeling on fire!

It's that time of the week again, Weigh in day!!!!, The Weight loss this week... 8.4lbs, I feel so accomplished this week :) I feel great.. My Total Loss now is 51.3lbs What a great feeling!! I can't express how great I feel right now, Wanna no how I celebrated?  I went out and ate a big fat Cheese Burger!!!! No.. No No I did Not do that, Tho I'm sure it would of been Yummy.. I went straight  to the gym and did  a great 40 min  work out of cardio instead.. Lets see here.. big fat burger VS 40 mins of Cardio, I'll take the cardio ANYDAY :) Im feeling so great right now :) I'll fill you in more on my, Mid week review tomorrow :) Now I'm going to go and suck in the glory of loosing 8.4lbs this week and pat my self on the back for a total weight loss of 51.3lbs! 

Lots of love <3 

Weight loss to date: 51.3lbs
Spring Chick Challenge Weight Loss: 18.4lbs 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Moments like that.

I Went to the gym last night with my twin sister & her boyfriend :) I don't get to go very often with her maybe a few time's a week, but moments we had last night are moment's I'm going to cherish forever! I'm trying to make an effort to at least go to the gym Monday to Thursday's  Friday- Off  Then Choosing a day during the weekend :) I wish my gym was open 24/7 or at least had later hours on the weekend, My weekends get so crammed full of things, Groceries, etc that usually we don't finish until later in the evening and the gym closes at 8, Anyway back to the original story,

Gym was PACKED last night more then i'v ever seen it, our gym is quite a large gym, so once you get to the gym your typically going to see  a pile of cars and have a hard time finding parking, well last night was unbelievable! Parking Lot was packed, People where parking on the road, down the road. I instantly began to panic, I don't like it when its over crowded, found parking and made our way in,"Main" Section of the gym SUPER packed, more then iv ever seen it before, Head to the changing rooms peek in the womens section, Not one Machien available, Guess what that means? Yah.. Monica has to go work out in the "Main Section" of the gym, Well.. that makes me nervous thinking about it.. I was a wreck, I had 2 Options, Leave or suck it up, What did i do? I sucked it up and worked my ass off in the Main section of the gym.. I was soo worried about the amount of people & so strung up in the deep conversation that my sister and I had, that we ended up doing a 40 min work out on the Cross ramp, Its kinda like the Ellipctile, but has an incline. Moral to my story: I Sucked it up I did, even tho I was a nervous wreck, once we started talking having this deep conversation,I forgot where I was & at the same time had an amazing work out!! Week 2 of the Spring Chick Challenge is going Great, I feel on fire!! Weigh in will be Wednesday as per usual :) Hope your week is going great, Im off to go with a friend to look at wedding dresses (for her) then we are heading to the gym! Have a great day friends <3! *NOTE* Not sure why, But some of my "Paragraphs" just wont seem to break up in this post, Not sure why but I'm sorry for it being so jumbled lol

Sunday, 8 January 2012

SCC Week 1 Check In & Week 2 Goals!

This week has been actually pretty good i'd say!! Besides my little mishaps in the grocery store tonight, (Purchasing a box of chocolate raisins ) I'm proud to say, I had tiny bit and gave the box to my fiance :)
I'v gone to the gym every second day! 
My biggest obstacle I think would be today (Read below for more information) but I truly believe leaving the isle was my best bet, Sure I walked out of the store with some Chocolate, (However it came from a different isle) I know I know still not an excuse, but I could of walked out of there with a lot more!!  I took my self out of the situation before my temptations gave in.

I'm Loving all the support all my new followers are giving me  :) I'll take more If you wanna give me more :) I'll take less if you wanna give me less, I love all the support and couldn't ask for anything more for you guys :) Thank you so much!

Spring Chick Challenge Week 2 Goals
  • Prepare one new meal 
  • There is an exercise I enjoy doing at the gym, but tend to not do it when others are around, going to try to not let my "fears" get in the way and do it anyway!
  • Continue to make healthy eating decisions
  • Incorporate more weight training at the gym 
  • Start to figure out, what needs to be done and what' done for our wedding
  • Get an appointment booked for my fiance so we can figure out what he will wear for the wedding 

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Grocery Shopping Nightmare!

Since my weight loss journey has began, Iv done really well when going to the grocery store, I'd walk past the junk food with a breeze, not problem.. Today however, I think I found my self sitting in the Junk for isle drooling at the Holiday 50% Chocolates,gummies, you name it was there.... My Fiance, Is a huge huge Junk person, Which is no big deal I'm the one taking this lifestyle change not him, but seeing him buy all the gummies, Chocolate, and all the stuff I wouldn't of thought twice to buy before.. Really got to me tonight like really was bothering me to the point I  had to make an excuse and leave the isle. Does it feel good I left the isle sure it does..But I did break down and bought a box of Chocolate cover Raisins.. Which Intend to have a small Portion of them as a treat.. Don't no why but today was a grocery shopping nightmare, I just wanted to leave!!

Have you ever had that feeling in the grocery store where ergs are just so high that its almost makes you miserable?  Im just glad I made it home with only one bad purchase! I got lots of Veggies, and tonnes of healthy things which make me feel good :) Minus my little treat..

:) Hope your all doing good !!

Friday, 6 January 2012

The Old Me.

You see that "Before" Girl.. Yeah that little mind frame was coming out tonight, something that has not happen to me in a while, since my weight loss journey began I'v felt so much better about my self, The thoughts i'd have before I lost these 42lbs  have not crossed my mind, When I talk about thought's I mean being self conscious of myself, and being embarrassed in public. I have not felt that way in a long time, But since the new year hit.. For some odd reason, every time I go to the gym, I'm getting that "Oh everyone in the gym probably thinks I'm just joining now and going to quit in a month feeling", Why do i feel this way, Iv been going to the gym faithfully since November 12, I guess it's just because you hear about so many people joining the gym as new years resolutions ect, I'm sure the feeling will pass! But none the less it's a weird feeling to feel this way again!! Anyone else have the feeling when they are going into the gym this past few days? Week? Maybe it's something most people feel I'm not sure maybe it's just because i feel that way because i'am over weight, who know's !

I Also wanted to give a quick shout out to my twin sister who started the blogging world, Mind you her blogs are not about weight loss but about her life, ect just her everyday Adventures, its something great to see her do! We have come a far way in our lives and we use to do the blogging thing a while back and it was nice to read into each others heads a bit more then we do on our owns :) you know that twin Mind thing.. yeah We can only go so far apparently :P So if you don't mind go check her out say Hi! Like i Said she may not be blogging about weight loss but  GO say HI :) You can find her HERE!

Hope all my spring Chicks are doing great!!

If you missed my Weigh in Post, you can find it Below this one :)

Total Weight Loss: 42.9lbs
Spring Chick Challenge Loss: 10lbs

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Weight in Wednesday's!

Today's the day :) I'm happy to say I lost 10lbs Right on the nose, How am i feeling GOOD because.. I'm thinking a lot of the 7.1lbs gain last week was retaining water from the holidays!! So with that, I'm now 42.9lbs Lighter :) The one great thing about TOPS (this is the weight loss support program I go to ) very similar to Weight Watchers, With some differences (( One being MUCH CHEAPER!)) Anyway each week they have the "Biggest Loser", Guess who got "biggest Loser" this week :) *jumps up and down* Me!!, So that means next week if I maintain or loose weight, I will receive 25 bucks! The amount changes depending on if people don't meet the goal or not :) in which case people have not, So the pot kept growing :)

So with that today's been great! still going strong :)

Total Weight Loss To date: 42.9lbs :)

Total Weight Loss During The Spring Chick Challenge- 10lbs (Now I know that, I have a few extra day's on there Since, the Challenge only Started On the 2 but it's just the way my Weight in's fall in place) Now forward at least i'll be on the Actual Schedule with the Challenge :)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Feels Great!

Dam does it feel great to be back at the gym regularly :) Today is day 2 of the Spring Chick Challenge, So far so good!, I'v Made it to the gym last night and this afternoon, I'll be doing some walking around tonight as well :) Nice Home cooked supper is cooking away :) Since I'm running late and supper wont be cooked for a while yet, I'm snacking on some Carrots & 1 Tablespoon of Hummus,Strawberry Smoothie, Just Frozen Strawberry's, Water about 1 tablespoon of No sugar added juice, Yum!

Tomorrow  is my weight in, So I'll be reporting back in the evening tomorrow to let you all know how, I have done :)

Hope all my spring chicks challengers  are doing great!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Spring Chick Challenge Week 1 Goals

**Spring Chick Challenge**

My Goals for my this week.

1. Now that the holidays are over no more sweets ( Treat day is OK)
2. Make it to the gym 4 Times this week
3. Work on making my mile faster on the elliptical
4. Healthy choices all week long!

My weight in's are on Wednesdays, So I'll follow up on my weight loss progress on Wednesdays :) 

Good Luck Chick's :)