Sunday, 13 November 2011

Gym Tallk, Changes

First, off the gym was amazing :) Had a great work out was there for about an hour 15 mins :) Felt great!!! Going back tomorrow, I'll Go every Second day, But going back tomorrow because my mom has a meeting with a personal trainer ( I also have one but mines only on Friday) It's complimentary with the Membership. Anyway So, I'll Be Going Tomorrow, Wednesday,Friday.. Then Most Likely Saturday :)

But the Main reason for my entry tonight is because.. I want to talk about Changes, My Feelings How im feeling over all :)

First off, I feel AMAZING, Knowing that im doing something so good for my health Feels un freaking believable,But I'm starting to notice little changes in my body, I feel Lighter (Obviously) But.. a few weeks ago, I COULDN'T put my Engagement ring on any finger other then the finger it's meant to go on, Tonight i was playing around.. And I'm able to LITTERLY put it on every finger now, I'm noticing Tummy changes, Just being able to reach differently ect.. One big Change iv notice is, The Seat belt in our car< I use to Struggle to get it on (When I say Struggle, It was just very Tight) I Now can Put the seat belt on and it not Being Tight anymore!!

Soo Many Great Changes, So Many Great things to feel amazing about :)

Total Weight Loss To Date: 24.8lbs 

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