Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Changes.. Possibly?

Well, Tonight I may make a decision to change a few things about what i'v been doing, Nothing bad It actually be for the better, But A Friend of mine's Mom has been in a program Called "TOPS" Which is basically the same thing as Weight Watcher, Only a lot cheaper and a lot more affordable, Its 35 Dollar a YEAR.. And 3 Dollar Per Meeting.. Compared to Weight Watchers being 20 Dollars a WEEK.. Which is not a huge deal, However if i can save the extra money that would be great, From reading up on there website, to me it sound better, The meetings seemed to be more Beneficial in the aspect that the members seem to Participate more then we do in WW Meetings.

So, Tonight im going to check out a free meeting to see if i would enjoy the meetings better then my WW ones :) If not no big deal but if i do enjoy them more, I will be making the switch, However I will Only make the switch once i receiving  the new Material From Weight watchers, Apparently a few changes are going to be happening in December so, I'll be waiting to find out about that. Because the Great thing about Tops, is your able to follow whatever plan you would like, Hench why i'll still be doing my Weight watchers Points, The only difference is i'll be getting the support somewhere else for a lot cheaper and Most likely the same type of Support. 

So I'll most definitly let you guys know what i think tonight, I Hope it works out just from there website and everything it seems Like something id enjoy more, Dont get me wrong I LOVE WEIGHT WATCHERS i do, However I really wish the meetings Allowed more time for Members to Participate rather then just the leader doing all the talking and having very little time for Members. 

We shall See i'll let you guys all know tonight once the meeting is done, Im going to the gym right after so I'll definitely  let you guys know after that :) 

thank you all for your support,
Love you all :)

Total Weight Loss to date: 29.8lbs

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