Wednesday, 2 November 2011

You are so inspirational!!!

"You are so Inspirational", "Your so Inspiring".... two phrases I hear pretty much daily, and it was just today when I finally realized, why you all say this.

Being an overweight person, Things, task, everyday life can be a task in itself.. Pushing your self to new limits is a task, Changing your life in anyway shape or form can be such a huge task.

A Lifestyle change tho.. That's pretty dam Major, That's changing everything... Its changing your whole LIFE.. Hence "Life Style Change"

With all that being said, I have Overcome my fear of "Change", I have Started eating 3 meals a day with snacks. I'm eating my Weight watcher Points & Staying within the Points I'm given. I'v cut out all junk food, fast food.. Mc Donald's who? Pop is gone.. Water  is my best friend.. Exercise, Its also part of my daily life now.
I'm in bed at 12:30-1A.M Nightly, Waking up early in the mornings. My life has done a complete 360 in the matter of weeks..

So when you tell me i'am "Inspirational" Or "Inspiring" I think I get it now, Back to my reason above, being overweight doing simple things can be a challenge and when Exercise,Diets, or LIFE STYLE Changes come in the picture.. I think most overweight people would agree.. They are scary words. But I have overcome those words, Im still Over coming them.. I'm not out of the water yet, But I'am a hell of a lot closer then I have ever been.. 

Thank you all for your Continued support with out the support,I'd still be eating poorly, no exercise and be in a coffin a lot sooner then i want to be.
Thank you for Believing in me,Thank you for giving me the strength to keep going. Words never seem like a lot sometimes, but to me they mean everything and i seriously wouldn't be where i'am today. 

I will fight this.. I will Promise to Love my self to the fullest, And keep doing what im doing..

Thank you again <3

Lots of love Monica

Weight Loss to date: 19.2lbs. *Weight in tomorrow guys* I'm not expecting a huge drop but it be nice to make it to at least 20 Pounds loss :)


  1. You are doing great monica best wishes i find the healthier i eat the healthier i want to eat

  2. Your, Very Right, the Healthier i eat, The more I want to eat Healthier, Its become an Addiction to me, to the point where if i eat something not so healthy.. I feel SUPER guilty. lol