Sunday, 11 December 2011

Goal's :)

I'v always talk to you guys about little goal's but today I kind of want to talk about bigger goals, and even some of my smaller ones too.. We all know that my Christmas goal is to loose a total of 40lbs :).. Will I Make it there.. Im Hoping and Doing everything I Should be to make it to that goal, But we will see.. Im Content I CAN DO IT.But if I don't make that goal, Then Im ok With that But im surly doing everything i can do make it to that goal. 
Reaching that Goal, Also means reaching my 10%, Actually my 10% is 37lbs,  so its kinda like hitting two goals in one.. I CAN DO IT!

A Longer Term Goal, But not super Long, For the wedding I love to reach a total of 80lbs Lost for our wedding, I feel its a pretty reasonable amount, Given that (When I figured it out). I'd have to loose Approx, 2lbs per Week to reach that goal.. From what iv already Lost till then.. I believe its a pretty reasonable goal, And what a great accomplishment.. Hoping to Reach that Goal as well :)...

What come After the Wedding, Well.. Simple.. 100lbs Have not set a Goal Time for that one yet, As im taking one goal at a time.. Lets not get carried away here lol..

That brings me to this Goal.. A Goal that I don't now when Will Happen but I will Make it happen at some point.. Once iv lost what i feel is a good amount I would love to walk in some sorta "Walk for the Cure" Something like that, Not a Run.. Not just yet.. But I'd Love to do some sorta Walk for the Cure type thing.. I have no idea when that "Goal" will come out but its a goal, I'd Love to reach and a goal, That i do think about Often.. A goal, I'll keep in my mind.. For when i Feel ready to Pursue that goal.. 

Some People Ask me all the time, why so many goals.. But making these small Little goals.. Not only mean im reaching my Goal, But im reaching an Accomplishment, A milestone in my weight loss Journey, The things i do today, I couldn't of possibly done Before September 29th, I was lazy, I was tired all the time I'd Walk up the stairs and Couldn't breath... While I still have a long Road a head of me, Being able to walk up the stairs with out gasping for Air, Going to the mall and walking around and Spending time with my family and friends.. With out having to sit down every 5 mins or feel like my legs are going to fall off.. Those are Accomplishments and Milestones, that I love to feel.. I love the Small accomplishment goals.. The Perks to those Goals are what keep me going and keep me pushing for more and more. 

My Question for you guys, Weight loss or not.. Do you keep a lot of small Goals, How do you Celebrate your goals. 

Thank you all for the support, the encouragement, Strength.. And just asking me how im doing. It means everything!!

Total Weight Loss to date.
32.2 Lbs <3 

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  1. i keep one main big goal (lose 100 lb) but i have mini goals along the way.... and to celebrate i assign a reward ahead of time for each month. this month was a horse back riding lesson!! it was sooo fun :-)