Thursday, 19 January 2012

Weigh in postponed

Typically I have my Weight In's today, However I was unable to make it to my tops meeting today for reasons out of my hands. I wont be posting my weight loss this week, I'd use my own scale but unfortunately I have the most un level house in the world. So unlevel that when I get on my scale & off my scale I will have 2 different numbers,I use it more as a guidance, Because typically it is generally near or close to what the "TOPS" scale says.. But Just not accurate enough to give a weight in this week... With that Postponed until next week :) I promise!

Spring chick Challenge Week # 3 Mid Week Update!

This week has been going great for me, Gym Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday. Will be going tomorrow as well :) Work out's have been excellent, Iv been working on more cardio then anything.. I miss doing my regular work out's but the gym has been insanely packed.. I know it's not an excuse but seriously our gym gets so packed people are parking up the road.. I'll be happy when it simmers down,One Great thing about the gym being packed  i'v over come so many fears.. 2 months ago you wouldn't of found me in the Main section of the gym, Id be off hiding in the women only section. Now I don't care where i work out as long as there is a machine open for me! That took me a lot but I'm starting to really feel comfortable.. Now to work on this phobia of doing my weight's in front of people.. It's a work in progress but I'm working on this everyday.

I'v been doing well with my eating so that's a plus!

My non weight loss goals have been kinda not really been happening, Since I'v been at the gym every night! by the time I get home I Spend the evening with my Fiance. I'm hoping to get some of it done on Friday night, I don't think i'll be going to the gym,  Unless my sister and her boyfriend go, Then I have a ride there :) Otherwise I'll be going on Saturday with my mom  :) I'm so grateful that I have so many different people to go the gym with, My sister & her boyfriend, mom, Bessy *My friend*. It's nice to have the change up with different people, It helps keep the work outs "Exciting". Plus which each of the people I go the gym with there is just a different  vibe with each :)

So over all I'd say this week is going off with a great success :) I Continue to bring this forward to the weekend (My  greatest challenge yet) Have a great healthy happy weekend..I know I Can do it.. & I will !!!

Hope your week's are going great!! Again sorry for the No weight loss update this week, I just don't want to give false numbers!



  1. Glad your week is starting with success. Not going to lie, I kind of love postponing weigh ins because i feel like it is a million more times exciting the next week...I know, kind of strange. Good luck the rest of the week!

  2. Hahaha I think the greatest thing about postponing weight ins, Is the numbers are always larger (typically) I still keep track with my own scale to be sure i'm on track, I can at least get that kind of information out of the sucker, Just wish the house was more level so that I could do the weight in's more accurately but none the less I'm excited to see what the numbers will say next week :)

  3. Looks like you are doing really well! Hope the postponed weigh-in goes well :D