Friday, 6 January 2012

The Old Me.

You see that "Before" Girl.. Yeah that little mind frame was coming out tonight, something that has not happen to me in a while, since my weight loss journey began I'v felt so much better about my self, The thoughts i'd have before I lost these 42lbs  have not crossed my mind, When I talk about thought's I mean being self conscious of myself, and being embarrassed in public. I have not felt that way in a long time, But since the new year hit.. For some odd reason, every time I go to the gym, I'm getting that "Oh everyone in the gym probably thinks I'm just joining now and going to quit in a month feeling", Why do i feel this way, Iv been going to the gym faithfully since November 12, I guess it's just because you hear about so many people joining the gym as new years resolutions ect, I'm sure the feeling will pass! But none the less it's a weird feeling to feel this way again!! Anyone else have the feeling when they are going into the gym this past few days? Week? Maybe it's something most people feel I'm not sure maybe it's just because i feel that way because i'am over weight, who know's !

I Also wanted to give a quick shout out to my twin sister who started the blogging world, Mind you her blogs are not about weight loss but about her life, ect just her everyday Adventures, its something great to see her do! We have come a far way in our lives and we use to do the blogging thing a while back and it was nice to read into each others heads a bit more then we do on our owns :) you know that twin Mind thing.. yeah We can only go so far apparently :P So if you don't mind go check her out say Hi! Like i Said she may not be blogging about weight loss but  GO say HI :) You can find her HERE!

Hope all my spring Chicks are doing great!!

If you missed my Weigh in Post, you can find it Below this one :)

Total Weight Loss: 42.9lbs
Spring Chick Challenge Loss: 10lbs


  1. Wow girl! You have come so far already, there has been a huge change in those pictures, way to go!!!
    Don't worry about what others are thinking or saying, it is very freeing when you stop giving though to that sort of thing. YOU know what you are doing and why, where you have come from and where you are going. Have faith in that.

  2. Thank you so much Blog Wobble :) I agree, I know what I'm going there for, So Screw anyone who thinks otherwise!!!!

  3. I've actually had that feeling !!! I was shocked to read you write this because I didn't realize I was thinking it. As for the people at the gym.. if they DO think it, they'll be surprised to see you in February, March etc too. ;) ;)

    You look so great! There is a massive change!

  4. OMG! roofus dont even worry about what other people think.. you'll be the one shocking the crap out of them when they don't go anymore :)!!... The gym has BEEN packed every single time i've been there with lots of teen's i found! ah well... it'll slow down soon prob! thanxs for the shout out!

  5. WOW! Great progress pic!

  6. I was just thinking about that while I was at the gym today. I saw some posts on facebook of people commenting on how "they can't wait until all of the new years resolution-ers get sick of working out." Keep pushing through and worry about yourself! Keep your resolve up!
    Congrats on your weight loss. There is a drastic difference in your before and after already! Keep it up.

    Check out my journey at



  7. Thanks so much Lauren :) i will definitely check out your journey :)

  8. monica!! your transformation is amazing. and in such a short period of time. i wonder if that "fat girl" feeling ever goes away.... i think i will be at goal weight thinking i look fat. but you are doing awesome!

  9. I agree, I think we have seen our self this way for either MOST or all of our lives I think somewhere deep down we will always have that "fat girl" mind frame!

  10. Wow! Well done. You can totally see the change. You've done so well. Congrats! x