Friday, 27 January 2012

Spring Chick Challenge Mid Week Review!

So, I'v been contemplating even writing a "Mid Week Review" because I simply, don't no how i'v done this week? Your probably wondering well why don't you?

I really don't understand it my self, I'v gone to the gym  I have  eaten pretty well good. I'v even added some new exercises to my work out (I wish i knew the name of this exercise but I'v only ever seen people do it at the gym) So I figured i'd give it a try.. But Something feel's off.. I'm not feeling the "Accomplishment" of a good week!  I'm not upset or not giving up or anything but I guess my mind is just kind of blank as to how to feel about this week. I'm unsure why I feel this way but.. None the less I mean I have nothing to be "guilty" for.. Maybe it's because everything is becoming natural feeling to me now, I'm not to sure!

Hope all your week's are going well.. I'm hoping to finish up some of my goals tomorrow (Going to look into what Kyle will wear for the wedding) should be fun :)


  1. I always like hearing from you so check in as often as you like! Don't sweat it. You are doing awesome <3 Did I also mention you've already melted 210 sticks of butter off your body...that is nothing to sneeze at! You have purged Paula Deen's kitchen from your belly! WOOOOOOOOO! Keep it up, you're doing awesome :D

    1. Awww thank you soo much!! That is totally crazy when you put it like that!!!

  2. Imagine that. 210 sticks of butter GONE.... Now THAT is accomplishment!