Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bridal Salon!

This Blog is sorta "Wedding'ish related but also has to do with my weight loss, But today, Today i'v never felt so beautiful in my life... As I mentioned in my post last night, My Friend Bessy & I where off to go look at wedding dresses for her self, (Since I have my dress ordered) should be in a week.. (She actually messaged me today) anyway while we were at one of the salons I happen to see that they had a dress IN MY SIZE! frist off.. Let me tell you that shopping for a dress as a plus size bride has been nothing but trouble.. No salons had my size back when I had to order a dress, There.. for my reason that I HAVE never tried my dress on.. The one i'v ordered.. I have no idea.. What it will look like, No idea if it will fit me good.. I have no sweet clue.. Im worried but less worried now..

Back to the Story, So While she was trying on dresses I grabbed the size i ordered and Put it off to the side, Debated over an hour while she tried dresses on, "Was I going to try it on?" I wanted to but.. Didn't want to be disappointed? What if it wont fit? So many thoughts raced threw my mind. Finally I said screw it I'm trying this on.. I'v never been able to try on wedding gowns.. I need to at least experience this before my dress comes in!

I put the gown on,  It's similar to my dress.. but not the same. but an idea of what a gown will look like on me lol the last time i'v worn any dress was when I was a baby lol.... My first thought was OMG.. I feel Huge, I felt like a WHALE... As the Dress was being tied up in the back, I began to feel it getting tighter, Fitting better, I started to LIKE the feeling!!! I Felt Beautiful I felt Amazing!!

Anyway, This made my day.... Months ago I wouldn't of even bothered try any dress on, I had the confidence to finally try one on.. AND The kicker.. Of it.. I tried a Dress.. 3 sizes (Smaller then the one i ordered) Guess.. What it fit as well (Would of needed a little bit more work on it.. But by the wedding it WOULD of totally fit as well. This makes me feel AMAZING.. This gives me the strive to keep pushing my self more and more!!

Sorry for the Random post :) but im so high on wedding dress's right now!!

Some of you have asked me about my Dress.. and if I posted a picture of it before, I have not posted a picture only because a lot of family and friends read my blog as well, And I'd like to keep my dress "Semi Secret" from my friends and family until the wedding day however :) If anyone wants to see a picture of the dress I'm waiting for Feel free to email me *I'll send you a link to the picture* :)

Feeling more beautiful then ever,
Monica xoxo


  1. SAY YES TO THE SEXY DRESS! And the sexy you in it! Three sizes down, that is AWESOME girl! I'm also e-mailing you now because I'm super nosy and want to see your pretty dress!

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  3. Such a happy post. Love it!

  4. You feel what every one else already knows about you. You are beautiful.

    1. Thank you sooo much :)I know im Beautiful :) But I just felt it more then I ever have :)

  5. I am so very happy for you. You will be such a beautiful bride :D

  6. so awesome! You will be/are beautiful.