Sunday, 22 January 2012

Spring Chick Challenge Week 4 Goals!

Week 3 End Review: A Reminder of my goals last week:

  • Treat weekends like normal days Success (One more day to go but this should be easy, Going to do lots of walking tomorrow. Going to another Bridal Show. Mom & Dad Invited us over for supper tomorrow night (Dad's making some new "Skinny" Recipes I showed him :) Excited!)
  • Gym Monday to Thursday choosing one day on the weekend (My choice) SUCCESS! Monday To Thursday Complete.. Choosing Sunday as my work out day again should be no issue i'll be going after supper :)
  • Continue to make healthy eating choices Made some great choices this week/weekend :) Success!
  • Continue to work on my "I'm here for me" attitude at the gym, Not being Shy to do my favorite exercises even if there is some people in the room Was Able to suck it up one day and finally got some time in the with my weights even if there was people around I'd say this was a success, but will further work on this!
  • No more indulging on weekends.. Its becoming out of control on weekends, I'm able to get back into the groove by Sunday but this HAS TO STOP NOW  BIG Success on this one no OVER indulging this weekend :) Better yet no indulging at all!
  • Work on finishing Wrapping Cutlery for wedding FAIL... Needs to get done.. But I still have time.. I'll get on this lol.. Soon I hope!
So There you have it..I'd Say week 3 went off with out a problem :) I'll see how things turn out next week when weigh in comes :) Mind you it will be 2 in one since I wasn't able to make it to my TOPS meeting this week, but we will see!!!

Spring Chick Challenge Week # 4 Goals: 

Holy Cow, Can you believe we are already 4 Weeks into this challenge? Time sure if flying....
This week my goals are going to be pretty simple & basically will remain the same as last week

  • Gym Monday to Friday
  • Continue to make healthy choices 
  • Continue to work on my "I don't give a crap who is in the gym attitude" 
  • Pay off my Fiance wedding band
  • Go book his Suit.. Or at least go look into what his options are (this will probably happen on the weekend)

Of course most of all the goals I make weekly carry over, Hope all the Spring Chick's Had a great week and Have a great week as well :) 

Also.. If there are people who comment on my Blog, That I'm not Following Please let me know :) There are so many of us  in the challenge I'm scared I may of missed a few!! Forgive me let me know & I'll get reading :)

To a happy HEALTHY week <3


  1. Great job on week 3 and good luck for week 4!

  2. Good for you on overcoming your shyness! :) Keep up the good work, you're doing great. xx

    - DS

    1. still have some work on the shyness part but it's definitely a work in progress iv made A HUGE change in the "Shyness" Department since i'v joined the gym :)So yes Doing great, Hope your doing great too!

  3. Fantastic job this week,. and I specially think it's good that you're focusing on the shyness! Happy for you!

    1. Thanks so much, defiantly a work in progress but it's coming, I feel More "Open & stronger" each day that passes!

  4. Wow. Time is flying by so fast. I am so glad we have each other to get this year started off right. What new exercise are you going to do...?

    1. The New Exercise, I wish I could tell you the name but i'v seen some girl's do it at the gym, They lay on a bench then Proceed to lift your Legs, Towards your stomach? If that makes any sense I have no idea what its, But I tried it out tonight and Love it :) will be Including it in my everyday work outs :)

  5. Looks like you are really doing great! I agree, treating weekends like "normal" days is so, SO important. Way to go, hoping this week is just as good if not better for you.

    1. VERY Important :) Thank you hope yours goes wonderfully as well!

  6. Awesome goals and great job!! I am just starting a weight loss journey of my own and would love some followers. Keep up the good work!