Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mid-Week Review & Chit Chat!

So, A lot of your are shocked at my recent 8.4lbs loss this week, Truthfully I have no idea what I did, I really hate saying that. I know I ate very clean this week, I also kicked my work outs up a notch just working it harder, Switching up the machines, Maybe between the both of them it was just that :) Really no explanation.. Other the Simply eating cleaner then most weeks, and  kicking up the exercise, Last's weeks 10lbs with out a doubt was mostly water weight from 7lbs gain over Christmas, but this week, I can only put together cleaner foods & kicking up my exercise!

Hope that clears up the "What are you doing questions",  I really wish I had a better explanation!

Mid Week Review:
I'd have to say this week has been going amazing so far, Iv already tried out 2 different meals *Not Sure they would be considered super healthy, but at least they where home made and reduced as best as I could, And again everything is in portion* For those of your curious I made a beef Stew & Spaghetti sauce made out of fire roasted red peppers (This was something I was interested in trying I love pasta, but I'm not able to eat Tomatoes, So I can not eat things like Pizza, Spaghetti etc without getting really sick. So having this as an alternative when I have that craving for spaghetti is great (it turned out amazing by the way!) The Stew was also good, Iv had stew before but never made my own, I also made a banana bread which was also reduced.. I made it mostly for my father, I made a tiny loaf to keep here had a slice but ended up throwing the rest out, (It was good, Just too good and I knew i'd eat it all, It kills me to throw away food when there are so many people out there in the world not bless to have food)

 I'v done great with my work out's, I'v over come some gym "fears". I'v found my list of wedding to do stuff, fixed that up figured out a few things (Not done yet) but in process :).. Doing really good Im definitely  a head of schedule  this week.. Feel's great to see how much i'v changed over the past few months, looking back and seeing so many differences  in my self it's unreal how far I'v come.. I listen to my self when I Speak sometimes, (Or rather  replay what i'v said after i'v said it and realize, "Holy shit I sound Smarter", more wise if you will, There is just something about about my overall attitude that is totally different but for the better!

This Journey is Changing me.. Changing me in so many great way's!!

Hope everyone's week is going as successful as mine, I'll leave you with a little "Quote" that was at the
gym today. No idea who said it, but it was on the board in the reception area, thought it was kinda cute :)

"Exercise,  It's like mouth wash if you feel the burn, it's WORKING"


  1. Lol so glad i read the white board yesturday usually i dont i LOL'd at that! Ahhaha!

  2. haha! love the mouthwash quote :-) i was shocked bu your weight loss and totally jealous! when i read blogs on my phone i cant comment (cuz i dont have a smart phone...its so limited when it comes to the internet.) but i have been following your amazing progress!

  3. I am so happy for you. There is nothing more motivating then when you realise just how much you have changed in your mind.
    Keep up the great work chicka!

  4. Love it when people are in the zone. Here's to more weeks just like this...

    1. Agree I love feeling in the zone for my work outs makes you feel so accomplished To more weeks like this!!

  5. 8.4 is fantastic beyond words! I am so so so happy for you - and I definitely hope it rubs off on me :p hehe!