Wednesday, 11 January 2012

feeling on fire!

It's that time of the week again, Weigh in day!!!!, The Weight loss this week... 8.4lbs, I feel so accomplished this week :) I feel great.. My Total Loss now is 51.3lbs What a great feeling!! I can't express how great I feel right now, Wanna no how I celebrated?  I went out and ate a big fat Cheese Burger!!!! No.. No No I did Not do that, Tho I'm sure it would of been Yummy.. I went straight  to the gym and did  a great 40 min  work out of cardio instead.. Lets see here.. big fat burger VS 40 mins of Cardio, I'll take the cardio ANYDAY :) Im feeling so great right now :) I'll fill you in more on my, Mid week review tomorrow :) Now I'm going to go and suck in the glory of loosing 8.4lbs this week and pat my self on the back for a total weight loss of 51.3lbs! 

Lots of love <3 

Weight loss to date: 51.3lbs
Spring Chick Challenge Weight Loss: 18.4lbs 


  1. Excuse my french, holy shit. Talk about some serious numbers. I'm going to reread your blog a bit but think you could give a quick summary on what you've been doing that you think caused those fantastic numbers? Again, I'm sincerely impressed. Keep up the excellent work!

    - DS

  2. Illiterate :) I will Do a little Right up, I'm really surprised actually with the 8.4lbs I Didn't do much different this week, Tho im pushing my self more at the gym, I ate a lot better a lot more cleaner lots of Veggies ect :) Last week the 10lbs I believe was mostly water Weight from the 7lb Gain.. It brought me back on track but the 8lbs im not sure what that was all about, Maybe the extra pushing at the gym is paying off~!

  3. I second illiterates 'holy shit'! Wow girl that loss is amazing! I too am curious as to how you're making such great strides!

  4. Its cause your a beast at the gym.... You out beat me lol!!

  5. I repeat the "holy shit" comment - that is absolutely fantastic!! 18lbs since the beginning of the year is amazing - you rock girl!!

  6. @ Melly- I do work it hard at the gym :) @ Sandra Thanks so much :) I agree the year is amazing!!