Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Lifestyle change.

As many of you already know, Iv started a long journey, a journey in which will not only better myself psychically, but emotionally too.

My Reason's for a lifestyle change, are pretty simple.. I want to be all I can be, I don't want little things in life holding me back and they where and I was quite frankly tired of it. With a little Determination and Motivation I decided to join Weight Watchers.. I needed the support, I needed that little extra "Push" if you will, knowing that every week id be going in front of mostly the same people getting weighed in, It's given me the boost to push my self harder and harder everyday.
Within 4 weeks, I have made a total 360 of my life. I went from going to bed at 6,7 sometimes even 8A.M to being in bed by Midnight-1A.M everyday.. and waking up at 9A.M sharp everyday, I went from eating one meal a day, to eating 3 meals a day with snacks.Cutting Out all Junk food, no pop, I exercise 2-3 Times a day and Iv pushed my self to new limits daily!!

How do I feel? Man, I'm not sure words can describe how I currently feel, I'm Motivated, I'm being supported by a wonderful group of family and friends. I have so much energy now, I'm noticing  how much I can do, While 4 weeks ago, I wasn't able to half of what I can do today, Having Clothes Fit differently, The Small little changes are such a wonderful feeling.. I love it..

While I have a long road a head of me.. I'm taking this Journey, ONE DAY AT A TIME

I'll be using this Blog to update you all on my progress, My Journey, My Troubles.. I Hope you all Continue to support me, As this is just the beginning, and I couldn't do it with out you all!

Love Always, Monica

Total Weight Loss: 16.5 pounds.

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