Sunday, 5 February 2012

A "Not So" Bridal Moment.

Every little girls dream, to try on the wedding dress they have dreamed off, to feel like you have never felt before, to wear a beautiful gown that makes you shine.. Yeah, My experience was so short of that it was just plain horrible!!

From the beginning of the day, I had this weird feeling something was going to be wrong but never bothered saying anything, Got to the salon and tried *MY* dress on, I felt like nothing in this dress.. I was empty, I did't get that beautiful feeling at all.. I looked "heartless" in all the pictures we took of me in the dress..I did not look happy at all...

First off.. The dress was 2-3ish sizes to small (Great accomplishment there). So I had to imagine the changes the dress would have once it was altered but I COULDN'T I just couldn't see them, The consultant at the bridal salon held the dress tighter to show me but..still couldn't see it. Something was totally off..

We left the bridal salon ( the salon was 45 mins away from my house) so we usually go visit this discount centre type thing while we are there.. all I could do was cry..cry and more crying.. I kept thinking "This just isn't my dress" What was my dress.. Was the dress I tried on and came on here and told you guys how beautiful I felt, How I felt like a bride in that dress.. That was MY dress.. I FELT like no other in that dress.. Even with Greasy Hair (Was rainy that day).. I FELT freaking Beautiful... THAT was my dress.. I began going threw my pictures on my phone and looked at them to compare.. I LOOKED HAPPY and Amazingly goofy in the pictures of "The one I loved" I looked at what I now call the "Ugly Dress" and I looked miserable not happy at all.

The price you pay when you can't try on a dress before buying it... *Note to self.. open up a plus size bridal shop so no women has to ever go threw this feeling*

So.. I have 500 dollars into *Ugly dress*.. Which is no refundable but can be put towards other things in the salon, I have our bridesmaid dresses for the girls.. However no suites, We were going to go else where closer to home.. but we have no choice now. im hoping they will let us get the tux and what not..

I'm also hoping that the salon I tried on *beautiful Dress* At still has that one.. So That I can just purchase the sample...  Oh my Gosh.. I'm stressed to the max! But keeping a positive attitude.. I'll know more (tomorrow)..

I'll also be doing my weekly review for the spring chick challenge later on tonight.. also my new goals!!
Pleaseee Gross your fingers everything works out for me.. I CAN NOT wear that dress on my wedding day!!!

**Note I apologize for any miss spelled words or anything bad grammar, I usually try to go over this and fix things up before posting however, I'm in a time crunch and have to leave right now! lol


  1. I am really crossing my fingers that you will get YOUR dress!!!!!

  2. Oh girl I am so sorry.. I imagine you look incredibly beautiful in both dresses but you're right, it's about that feeling and you deserve to feel as beautiful as you are on your wedding day and it sounds like that means the other dress. Sending good vibes your way but I'm really happy to see that you have a game plan in mind. I have total faith that things will work out for you and you'll walk down that isle wearing EXACTLY what you want! Much love xxxxx

  3. I hope you get the dress you want, every girl deserves to feel beautiful on their wedding day! My cousin was a plus size bride and she had the same problems, order online only to find another dress in a bridal shop. I hope everything works out for you!!

  4. awww i am so sorry that happened & how disheartened you sound. but this happened for a reason -- might not seem like it now -- but it will make sense to you eventually. that wasn't your dress...

    you deserve to be in a dress that makes you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world!

  5. i know it will work out!!!! i just know it. im so sorry you had to go through that.