Friday, 3 February 2012

Here & There

So,I feel like i'v been neglecting my blog.. Just been so busy the last few days.. We had a horrible snow storm on Wednesday  according to the new's we got over 30CM.. Which is nothing new for us we get this kinda crap most of the winter anyway.. Al tho this winter it's been really good this was our first bad snow storm so I'm not complaining just hoping we don't get hit super bad from here on out lol.

So Wednesday I did 2 Hours 30 mins of Shoveling snow, Let me tell you my body still feels it and we are now Friday.. I have carpotunel in my wrist.. and Of course the night I was shoveling I was in pain like you couldn't imagine :( The pain from that is gone but my whole arm is so very soar, and I have no strength what so ever.. I'v  Missed the Gym because of the pain & I'm not happy for that but i'v been doing a lot of walking and other activities, to make up for it.. but still not happy but I'm too scared i'll get hurt or hurt my self even more if i go to the gym, When I go to the gym I push my self to the max  & know having an injury will not hold me back!!

So Other then that.. I'm doing well good eats good everything :)

Tomorrow marks the day that I go try on my wedding dress for the first time..I'm very nervous. I hope I love it.. I have no choice now, Just very scared about that Wish me luck!!

Hope your weeks are going great!! Here is a to a GREAT February :)


  1. We're having a snow fest here too... ugh!!

  2. good luck with your dress -- i am sure you will be a gorgeous bride!


  3. I'm jealous of the snow. It has been 70F here. Beautiful weather, but it sure doesn't feel like February.