Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I'm Still here!

I know my blogs have slowed down a lot due to the stress I was  undergoing I just didn't have anything "good" to say ! But things are better now.. Everything is worked out with the dress disaster, I'v got my new dress on a payment plan and thanks to my wonderful parents I should have it paid off in no time!!

This is the dress that made me feel WONDERFUL.. This dress made me feel like a bride, I felt the weight loss was noticeable in this dress.. So Everything worked out fine.. The money I did place on my *Old Dress* Im going to get a credit for that money and the boys can get there suits/tuxes from the bridal shop They have A LOT of money to spend so they better Dress classy!! ha ha It was a bit more then we wanted to spend on suits and stuff but I suppose it's better than having to wear that ugly dress!!

My Goals for this week are pretty well a mixture of everything i'v already done..

Stay on track, Eat Properly, Exercise.. No REAL goals this week other then making sure I stay on track with everything I had a horrible weekend, Stress got me.. bad it's okay tho I'm doing good now.. The weekend was just bad we will just leave it at lol.. It's passed its gone I'm back on the horse!

On a good note, I purchased 2 shirts last night.. I went from size 6-5X to a 3X in tops.. Which is pretty good feeling :) Can't wait to get out of the X's totally,  But none the less a great accomplishment to see how far i'v come!

So other then that, I'm doing good just finally getting my head together from all the dam stress, I'm sorry I have not commented, I Promise I will get back into the swing of reading and commenting soon!



  1. I'm pleased everything worked out fine with the dress.

    BTW, I love it when buying clothes in a smaller size. It's such a wonderful NSV!

    1. Thanks so much Tim, Im soo glad things worked out for me too :) I LOVE the NSV of going down in a clothing size, Im sure I could of done this long ago, But with the wedding, Wedding things have to come first :) But slowly im purchasing a few more things :)

  2. SO glad you got things straightened out with your dress!

    1. Thank you so much its a huge Weight lifted off my shoulders!!