Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Quick Update :)

Hey Everyone!

Wanted to give you all a quick update, I'm doing very well :) Im still kicking it hard :) I wanted to give a quick Weight update :) Im now at 67.4lbs Loss!! Which feels great, Which means I'm about 6lbs away from my MINI Goal of getting out of the 300's which will be an amazing feeling :) I still have far to go but.. To get out of that "bracket" That will feel great!!

I'v been so busy finishing up last minute wedding planing, enjoying the nice weather when we had it, I apologize that I have not written much, I will try to keep you guys updated but until the wedding my Post may be a little further apart, I will keep you updated with my weight progress :)

Miss you all <3! Hope you all understand I'm NOT GIVING UP.. Im pushing threw this!! Im still going to be doing everything I just need to Make sure I focus my time on the upcoming wedding (June 23) Still have lots to get done ect :)

Total Weight Loss to date 67.4lbs!


  1. Glad you are doing well. :)

  2. That's so awesome! that day of 299 will happen sooner than you think! happy thoughts are with you as you plan your wedding!

  3. I think that is absolutely super about getting near to the 200's. That is not 'mini" at all! Wow! Great!

    :-) Marion

  4. That is amazing! You are such an inspiration!

  5. haven't heard from you in a while... How are you doing?

  6. Great job so far chica!! Your progress is amazing! Like you, my first goal was to get out of the 300's back when I first started in January. It seemed soooo unattainable! But girrll..omgosh...when you get there, and you WILL, or probably already have seeing as this was posted back in March, it feels A-MAZING!! Keep up the awesome work, and best of luck!! New reader here!!


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