Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Quick Update :)

Hey Everyone!

Wanted to give you all a quick update, I'm doing very well :) Im still kicking it hard :) I wanted to give a quick Weight update :) Im now at 67.4lbs Loss!! Which feels great, Which means I'm about 6lbs away from my MINI Goal of getting out of the 300's which will be an amazing feeling :) I still have far to go but.. To get out of that "bracket" That will feel great!!

I'v been so busy finishing up last minute wedding planing, enjoying the nice weather when we had it, I apologize that I have not written much, I will try to keep you guys updated but until the wedding my Post may be a little further apart, I will keep you updated with my weight progress :)

Miss you all <3! Hope you all understand I'm NOT GIVING UP.. Im pushing threw this!! Im still going to be doing everything I just need to Make sure I focus my time on the upcoming wedding (June 23) Still have lots to get done ect :)

Total Weight Loss to date 67.4lbs!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hey Ladies & Gents!!

I'm Still here, I'm sorry for the lack of updates, I'm such a horrible blogger, With the new Job, I been focusing my time on not being on the computer as much.. The nicer weather is here too, Which makes me not want to be inside anymore.. at one time in my life I'd stay inside and not give a crap about the weather but, I'm loving the beautiful weather and planing a lot of physical activities for the summer.

My Journey is still going, Kinda hit a hiccup the last few weeks, Nothing Major Just been staying at the same Weight more or less, But The gym was lacking.. Which I know was my reason for the Maintaining. Which I'd Rather Maintain then gain so I'm happy for that at least, With the beautiful weather finally starting to really hit, I'm planing to incorporate walks into my work out routines.. Cut the gym down a bit (not a lot actually I probably wont even CUT down on the gym but Maybe do walking in between my gym days..

But I'am doing great.. I'm sorry for the delay in writing I should of let you guys know whats going on!!

Miss you all! <3 will keep you guys posted!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Doctors Appointment Fail!

Well, I finally had my Doctors appointment! What a failure & complete utter waste of time it was, Thinking my doctor would be proud of me, I Got NO response from him what so ever, He just sat there.. did nothing, Said Nothing, Didn't tell me where he would like me to be at, I asked him to be refereed to see a nutrionist.. Which is good, At least I got that out of him,

I tried to talk to him about something I have not even written in my blog about something I struggle with daily.What I Struggle with daily is that fact that some days I don't feel like eating at all.. I Do eat, but I have this huge GUILT over me.. I associate food with gaining weight and it scares me because I don't want to go back to the way I was before..I know that I can loose weight by eating my 3 Meals a day ect.. I'v BEEN doing it but something in my mind keeps me having this guilt over me. He really didn't say much about it.. which was stupid and kinda not what I was hoping for but.. Whatever I'll deal with it myself  I suppose lol

Besides that.. Never said anything at all.. was disappointing but whatever, I'll Go see him when I feel i'm at some sort of healthy weight, See if he says anything then..

Tonight was my first day on the job  (well second but) first day by my self :) was great I really enjoyed it :) Very easy Job Nothing to it really :) So far I only have 2 shifts a week but its a great start for me :) I work Friday/Saturday's  Not much hours but its enough to get me started!!

I feel like things in my life are taking great turns for me.. Great things are happening I couldn't be more happier :)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Monica's Skinny Soup

In the cold Months I love me some soup & for some odd reason when I eat the soup I tend to see more Weight Loss? Not sure why but.. Here is Monica's Skinny Soup :)

*Disclaimer* I'm not a Chef... So this is good to me, I really hope you Enjoy it too :) If for whatever reason you don't enjoy this soup I'm really sorry You tried it :( lol

2 Boxes Low Sodium Chicken Broth ( I always look for the LOWEST sodium Possible)
5 Large Carrots
1/2 White Onion ( or your choice of onion)
Basil/Summer Savory ( or whatever spices you like in your soups)
2 Boneless chicken breast
2 Cups  Alphabet  Noodles *You can use any type of noodle I like the Alphabet because they are smaller)
(If you enjoy your soup More liquidity then Hearty, I'd suggest 1 Cup.. I like my soup a little more Hearty :)
How 2:
1. Boil Chicken in separate pot,
2. Boil Noodles In Separate pot as well ( Don't Fully cook them.. I only cooked them for about 5 mins.. Till they are half way cooked about.)
3 While Chicken & Noodles  are cooking, Chop Carrots,Onions.. You can chop to whatever desire size I like my onions diced small, While my carrots Bigger
4.Pour 2 Boxes of Chicken Broth in big pot add spices *I eye it.. A Pinch of Summer Savory, few dashes of  Basil
5.Add your Veggies *You Can Add Other Veggies as well, This is just all I had on hand
6. Start to Cook, I like to cook mine on low heat because I usually have lots of time.. But if your in a hurry, You can Boil this faster if you would like!

7. Check on your Chicken.. Once its fully cooked take out of water.. Let cool, then Shred, chop whatever you prefer, I prefer to shred  my chicken.

8. Once your Carrots are pretty well cooked, Add Chicken & Noodles
9. Cooking time depends, however I'd Say about 20-30 Mins It should be all ready to go :)

I can get about 8 Servings out of this.. (Sometimes more) 1 cup servings.

Chopped Carrots & Onions

                                                2 Boxes Chicken Broth with Basil & Pinch Of summer Savory

                                          Add Veggie's If you feel you want more add more :) I don't really have exact Numbers as I usually just eye it :)

                                            Carrots are just about cooked, Time to add the Chicken!

                                                              Don't forget the Noodles!!

Volia! You Got A great bowl of soup :) Add A warm Slice of Bread  if you'd like, I tend to just have the bowl of soup :) 

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Good Bye Fat Jeans!

Today marks a nice NSV :) Today is the day I dropped of my "Fat Jeans" Off to the Good Will box :).. Ok.. So I get that I'm Still "Fat" But I call them the "Fat Jeans".. Out with the old In with new!! Throwing those Jeans that has so much life left of them, But not the life I wanted to give them in that box was a great feeling. A great feeling of success.. A living proof that with some hard dedication & the right mind frame anything is possible.. Going down a full 6 sizes in jeans Since September.. is AMAZING! I Look at this picture and I can do nothing but smile.. For one.. My Old Clothes are now stored away in that box and secondly, The Place that helped me get to where i'am today.. "Good Life Fitness" With out the gym I probably would of given up!!

So it's been a great day a feeling of great accomplishments.. I did however KEEP One pair, So I can do the hole "Put them on at goal" to see how far I'v come kind of thing :) A reminder of a place I never want to go back to!!

<3 Hope your all doing well, I have Chicken cooking for supper, them I'm off to the gym :)

On That note,
Good Bye Fat Jeans, Hello "Skinny" Jeans (eventually I'll get there) NOTHING is holding me back now!

Monday, 27 February 2012

A Struggling Week.

I'm not going to sit here and make any excuses but last week was probably  the worst week I have had since my journey started.. I'm happy to say that things are back on track but boy's oh boys it was just bad

With something as simple as going to get some new clothes on the weekend it regained my focus and motivation back to where it should be... This weekend I had to go purchase some new clothes because I'm going to be starting a job on Friday :) My sister got me  2 shifts at the Tanning Salon she work's at.. It's only 2 Shifts a week, but for somebody who has not worked in years because of her weight, 2 shifts is a great start for me, I'm extremely HAPPY.. I Purchased a new pair of JEANS! Which was great because this was one thing I have not purchased to see how far I have come since my journey started in September... I'v gotten a few shirts here and there But here are the stats on how much I'v changed in the past few months..

Shirts BEFORE 5-6XL    NOW 3XL
Jeans BEFORE 36           NOW 26   *The way our Sizes work they go in two's so.. That's 6 Pant sizes DOWN, Say what?  I couldn't believe it!

This gave me just the boost I needed, To get my ass back in gear

I'v Found A picture from September 2011 About 2 weeks before i started my journey and WOW!! I'm going to work on the picture to show you guys because.. it's unbelievable!

I'm sorry this blog is a little everywhere.. Considering I have been Lost for the last week, I have so much to say :) I'll save some words for my next post, As I have more exciting news to share :)

Dusting Last week Under the Rug, and starting Fresh,
Monica <3

**Edit** So I found the picture here it is..

I'll be taking a better picture Similar to the one In September to give you a better idea but until then :) 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

{Earlier} then expected Progress Picture!

So, This is more or less a {Early} Progress picture.. I was going to wait until about 70lbs Loss, But I'v been feeling very "Blah". I Needed a pick me up so I figured i'd see if there was a new difference :) I think I see a difference, Almost as if my face is becoming more "Longer" Less Round Anyway :) I feel a lot better now after seeing this picture :) Just took a face shot for tonight.. Will do another body shot at 70lbs Loss, So in about 10lbs :) lol